Voices From The Readers

Consider Wind Farm

Project Carefully


(The following is an open letter to the Ocean City Mayor and Council and residents.)

As we go through the process of evaluating the acceptance of the Bluewater project of constructing energy producing windmills off of our shore, we need to be very careful of making a decision that could permanently alter a resource which is the backbone of Ocean City’s success, the beautiful view which has stood unchanged for millions of years.

While we should applaud any effort to construct renewable sources of energy, it should definitely not be done at the expense of the fantastic view we all know is a main reason people flock to Ocean City and millions of other beaches around the world. That unaltered view is precisely the reason that the Kennedys and John Kerry do not want them visible from their properties. We are in a unique situation that our offshore topography prevents the structures from being placed far enough out to sea to be invisible. Bluewater promoters says that the structures will only be a thumbnail high when viewed from shore. Hold up your thumb and see this is not that small. We should question why we should have to have our priceless view altered in any way. We should also worry that this may even have an impact on future vacationers, who may opt to visit other beaches where they can see an unaltered view. It is so important to remember this each time we go out to see the lovely sunrises. We should understand that this natural vista could be changed drastically. We should not rush into accepting the project without investigating every other possible solution, such as onshore windmills.

We should all support our Mayor and City Council in being very cautious in making such a very important decision that could affect out wonderful city permanently.

Karen M. Guglielmo 

Davidsonville, Md.

Ocean City

County Questioned

About Bizarre Behavior


(This letter was addressed to the County Commissioners.)

Now that I have a day off to write, and you have no impending meeting deadline, I have to ask. What agenda items were so sensitive or critical that the "Administrative Matters" could not be published on the website until Monday afternoon (less than 24 hours prior to the meeting)?

This is supposed to be public information and a public meeting, which, apparently, the public is never entitled to access, until the 11th hour. However, you insist on depriving us, the general public, of our basic right to freedom of information. To county taxpayers, (whose hard-earned money you are spending), this is taxation without representation. To your own voting constituents, you’re literally spitting in our faces.

Logically, one can only suspect that the agenda topics must be woefully insignificant compared to whatever practices or transactions that are being hidden. Quite possibly collusive, perhaps? I have made repeated (10-plus) requests for clear, specific, timely and easily-accessible agenda and packet information to you and your staff, with only temporary (but consistent) compliance from (then-president) Virgil Shockley. If you insist on operating this way, then, either:

1. Those of you who oppose this secretive modus operandi are being equally: deprived of providing quality representation of your constituents and prevented from fulfilling your oath of office (an obstruction of justice?), or:

2. Each of you are both individually and collectively accountable for depriving Worcester County voters, citizens and taxpayers of (at least) business-related public information, public representation services and competitive posture within the state and country, all of which we are paying for in many more ways than one (with our: tax dollars, compromised infrastructure and various other resources, et al).

Whichever is the case (that either you oppose or you favor this) is something that each of you must decide, stand on and either correct or answer to us or eventually to God. Even if you win this battle, (of continuing to operate this way), and even (succeed) in maintaining office, you ultimately will painfully lose the big war of morality, or ethics. Unfortunately, in so doing, you will surely take us all down with you.

So, I hope that either the dismal consequences are worth the jollies that you’re getting out of it now – or – that these truths haunt your consciences into prayer and courageous conviction to return to respectable decency. Meanwhile, I remain at noel55@comcast.net or at cell 410-430-0535.

Ellie Diegelmann

Ocean City

Correcting A Letter


In response to Veronica Potter’s letter in the Feb. 6 publication, I would like to remind her that, as she stated, Councilman Joe Hall was the one who sent a letter to the paper requesting that the Ocean City taxpayers show up at the Jan. 27 meeting to offer suggestions on solving the budget crisis.

This was not intended to be a public hearing because as anyone who knows anything about government understands, two weeks notice would have to be given to declare this as a public hearing. Therefore, Councilman Joe Hall should have been the one to ask for suggestions from the audience at the time that the budget was brought up.

Regardless of where it was placed on the agenda or how long the meeting transpired, if Ms. Potter had comments and was not asked by either Mitrecic or any other council person to voice her opinion and she was so moved to do so, a simple raising of the hand and requesting to be heard would have been sufficient enough for her to have been recognized.

As for Mitrecic being responsible for closing the meeting without permitting Ms. Potter to speak, I remind you that a motion must be made and seconded and then voted upon in order to close the meeting. I believe that Ms. Potter’s intentional misrepresentation of Mitrecic’s actions were as reprehensible as she believed his to be. It is time that we all start working together and not try to undermine the actions of any one or more council members. Remember “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” Let us put aside our personal agendas and work together for the good of Ocean City.

Sue Harting

Ocean City

Support Recognized


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Lower Shore community for a tremendous outpouring of support for our local United Way’s annual campaign. This overwhelming generosity is what allows us to remain, outside of government, the single largest supporter of 57 different local programs through 25 non-profit agencies in Wicomico, Worcester, Somerset, and Dorchester Counties. These programs help over 100,000 people each year and focus on helping children and youth succeed, our aging and vulnerable populations, and emergency and crisis assistance for families in need.

We are now in the longest and most challenging yard of our campaign and need the support of the community more than ever. We’re currently at 82% of our goal to raise $1.6 million. We must meet this goal for one reason – the needs of the less fortunate continue to grow every day. In these difficult times, families just getting by before are now struggling just to buy food or keep their homes warm this winter. These families need United Way programs more than ever.

Please consider an individual gift, or giving employees at your business a chance to give through the convenience of payroll deduction. As we enter our 65th year helping those in need on the Lower Shore, you can rest assured knowing we continue to be faithful stewards of donor’s dollars and all donations stay right here in our community helping our neighbors in need. Please visit us at www.unitedway4us.org, or call our office at 410-742-5143 for more information.

Bill Middleton, Board President

Gage Thomas, Campaign Chair

Gus LeBois, Wicomico Chair

Elaine Brady, Worcester Chair

Roger Harrell, Dorchester Chair

Jay Parker, Somerset Chair