Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Swimming Ban Proposal

Needs Consideration


I am writing in response to the proposal to ban swimming after certain hours. Specifically, I am very concerned with the latest discussion of keeping this ban in-line with Ocean City Beach Patrol hours.

As the wife of a local surfer, I know how much he looks forward to an early morning session before work or an evening session once the beach patrol is off-duty (as we all know surfing on the surfing beach is more often than not a nightmare in the summer). If there aren’t waves, he’ll still jump in to cool off after working outside all day, but that doesn’t happen until after the patrol is gone because the typical work day isn’t over until 5.

In the article last week, it states: "…the last four fatalities from drowning in the past four years occured [when beach patrol was off duty]." I would like to know the statistics, though, on the number of lives saved by surfers during the same time. Banning swimming (and therefore surfing) will only cause these numbers to rise.

I think I speak for all local families who have a surfer that this proposal is ridiculous. I certainly hope the Mayor and Council and beach patrol think this through before making a decision that will hurt local families and possibly cause more deaths. 

Molli Carter
Selbyville, Del.

Employee Salaries

Require Attention


The town of Ocean City faces difficult decisions related to reducing spending as they plan the 2009-2010 fiscal budget. All department heads need to trim down expenditures even at the cost of loss of services. I feel that the greatest cuts should come from that part of the budget where the greatest expenditures occur. In Ocean City that is employee salaries and related expenses.

The city has made a good start by initiating a hiring freeze. In addition, the city should begin a freeze on wages and promotions until the economy has recovered.

When I was in the work force in education, if the school boards were financially strapped, it was not uncommon for employees to forego wage, COLA, and fringe benefit increases for several successive years. We are planning our home budget too because we have had no increase in pension for a number of years.

Public Notice: I want to alert permanent resident home owners that it is necessary for you to file application for Homestead Tax Credit this year, even if you have filed in past years. Filing form is with your assessment paper.

John McDermott

Ocean City

Support Applauded


The officers and volunteers of the Worcester County Humane Society wish to express our heartfelt thanks to all those individuals and organizations who recently responded to our call for help.

As you know, the humane society was the victim of a recent burglary. Whomever the heartless individual was, he or she stripped us of all of our cat and dog food, litter, dog crates, cat carriers and other daily supplies, and this left us with nothing but an empty supply shed. Word of this burglary spread quickly throughout the community and resulted in an outpouring of donations (supplies, food and checks).

It is wonderful to know that so many people found it within their hearts to assist our organization, especially in these hard economic times, where each and every dollar is being stretched to make ends meet. We could not continue to help the many homeless animals in this area without the community support we have received.

Kenille Davies

(The writer is the director of the Worcester County Humane Society.)