My Thoughts

Insider loves breakfast, any time of day. His best friend prefers scrapple as her breakfast meat. She likes it cooked think and mushy, while the old guy likes his thin and fried crisp, almost like a potato chip. After all, we are dealing with pig snouts here. Insider thinks all sausage links should be outlawed. Sausage should be served as a patty, much like a hamburger. Sausage on a hamburger roll is a good thing. Add a fried egg overlight to the sandwich and now we are talking. A boiled egg every now and again works, too. It should be cooked five minutes, no more, no less. Poached eggs are a nuisance and overrated unless smothered in hollandaise sauce, overtop a thick piece of Canadian bacon and a crisp English muffin.

The old guy takes a stab every week at the crossword puzzle in this paper. It’s got to be the hardest one around. It’s been years since Insider has picked up the leftwing drivel known as the New York Times, but years ago it was part of his Sunday routine and the crossword puzzle was something he looked forward to tackling for the next week. Crossword puzzles should be filled in over a long period of time, but this crossword puzzle in this paper is impossible for the old guy to complete. Insider knows he is not the smartest guy around, but he’s curious whether anyone has ever finished this paper’s puzzle. Drop the old guy a line and let him know. Maybe he’s just obtuse.

Advertising campaigns everywhere have the nervous anxieties today as they prepare their Super Bowl ads for the big companies around the globe. The old guy hears less and less businesses are buying Super Bowl ads this year, instead major movie producers are snapping up the spots at bargain rates. Apparently, Hollywood is the fallback option, or worst-case scenario fills, for networks airing the Super Bowl. This year NBC has the exclusive right to televise the big game and those pricey $2 million-per-spot commercials. With nothing being immune from the recession, it appears selling the space in between this year’s game timeouts was not as easy as before. That’s why Insider hears there will be plenty of NBC promotional ads and major motion picture previews rather than the many spots for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Geico, Toyota, General Electric, Wal-Mart, McDonalds and all those other big-time advertisers. If this continues, it will only be a matter of time until Insider is seeing the scoreboard presented by Metamucil in the upper corners of his television.