My Thoughts

Baseball is known as America’s favorite pastime. Insider does not think that’s the case anymore. Football seems to now be this country’s favorite sports. Why else would those crazy lunatics stand in the freezing rain and snow to watch their favorite team each Sunday? The old guy does not know too many Orioles fans who would suffer through weather like that, let alone cut their chest hair in the shape of a letter for their favorite team. Crazy kids.

The youth of today have no idea what love is. They wouldn’t know love if it hit them in the face. If they were shown love as it really is, they would reject it 100 percent. The love they know and expect is that which is preached to them and sung at them by a weird collection of heroes. The form of love that children expect to participate in just does not exist. The love they know has to be warped and twisted and squeezed into a commodity that can be sold. It’s love that will not tolerate bad breath, poor moods, small breasts, reading glasses, bad meals, beer drunk out of a glass, lazy days, bounced checks, bad hair days, loose jeans or so called last year’s style.

A successful love arrangement these days must have the latest model sports car in the background. True lovers cannot walk the Boardwalk and share their love unless she wears skimpy apparel that barely covers the ugly part and his clothes are slob. And the poor brainwashed kids follow the mod line right into a marriage doomed as soon as reality sets in. Those out-of-it parents are never listed to when they advise against an early marriage for what do they know of love. They are boring. Their enduring, unconditional and everlasting love is not what they want.

Insider figures the proper approach for parents today should be to take the opposite tack. Maybe we should go along with the kids and actually rush them into marriage, say at the age of 16. That way the youngsters could get this Madison Avenue type of love and marriage out of their system and be divorced by the time they are 23 or 24. There would no college to pay for, they would move out of the house at an early age and learn some of life’s lessons. That would be tough love. Then, wiser and smarter with a new perspective, they could go about the business of living the good life as it is, not as dictated by someone on television or someone on the radio.