OC Elementary December Students of the Month

Ocean City Elementary School honored the December Students of the Month with a luncheon from Wendy’s, a special cake and a Student of the Month T-shirt. This month’s sponsor was the Ocean City/Berlin Opti-Ms. Pictured, first from left, first grade honorees Miles Thompson, Max Ewancio and Madison Dery (not pictured are Eden Goldfarb and Cali Peters); second row, second grade winners, from left, Francesca Wheeler, Sarah Hancock, Jenna Dolan, George Brous and Alex Bean; third row, third graders Tara Bowling, Hayden Zaiser, Dina Sbih, Elijah Saulsbury, Sandra Karsli, Megan Hurley and Andrew Burke; fourth row, fourth graders Danya Sbih, Ryan Sauer, Hailey Moxley, Maya Ethridge, Sarah Dwyer and Kristen Cabrera-Tapia.