WPS Students Write Letters to Local Government

Worcester Prep freshmen, under the direction of teacher Dana Schaefer, wrote letters to government leaders encouraging them to consider making government buildings more energy efficient. The students researched possible solutions to problems with their local governmental buildings. Letters were sent to the Accomac County Council, Bethany Beach Town

Council, Berlin Town Council, Georgetown Town Council, Ocean City Town Council, Salisbury City Council, Snow Hill Town Council and Sussex County Council. Some of the students involved in the project were, front from left, Sarah Chaski, Abbie Tyler, Michael Dayton-Jones, Olivia Wilgus, Shelby Zimmer, Hannah Beauchamp, Salisbury; back, Alyson Hartman, Peyton Dickerson, Taylor Harman, Hannah Gaskill, Mallory Richards, Lynde Pepper, Marybeth Fisher and Alex Ternahan.