Deer Firearm Season Opens Tomorrow

BERLIN- Maryland’s traditional two-week firearm deer season opens tomorrow across the state, including Worcester County, with a total harvest over the next two weeks expected to approach 45,000.

Hunters across Maryland, including Worcester County, will take to the woods early tomorrow morning with the opening of the deer firearm season. The two-week season is one of the most popular deer hunting seasons of the year with nearly half the annual harvest expected to be taken during the time frame. State natural resources officials will carefully monitor the harvest numbers during the next two weeks.

“Deer hunting continues to be the most effective tool to regulate deer numbers in Maryland,” said DNR deer project leader Brian Eyler this week. “Balancing the deer heard with its environment and the needs of our citizens is an agency priority. A well managed deer herd is an important component in achieving healthy watersheds by protecting vital plant communities.”

Worcester County and all other counties in Maryland with the exception of Allegany and Garrett Counties in Western Maryland lie in Deer Management Region B. The total bag limit in Region B is two antlered deer and 10 anterless deer during the two-week season that opens tomorrow and runs through December 13. Hunters in Region B must take two antlerless deer and purchase a Bonus Antlered Deer Stamp before pursuing a second antlered deer.

In addition to the whitetail deer season, a sika deer season opens tomorrow for two weeks in the six counties of the lower Eastern Shore including Worcester. The sika deer bag limit is one antlered deer and one antlerless deer. An antlered sika is defined as having at least one antler visible above the hairline.

The first Sunday of the firearm season, November 30, is open for deer hunting on private lands across the state including Worcester County. Last year, deer hunters across Maryland took 3,702 deer from private properties across the state on the first Sunday of firearm season.

State officials are reminding hunters to carefully inspect any permanent and portable tree stands before using them. Harness-style safety belts should be used while climbing in or out of a tree stand and while in the stand. Hunters are also reminded to always exercise the fundamental commandments of firearm safety while afield.

Deer hunting is big business in Maryland. Last year, 68,000 Marylanders participated in the firearm season, which is a vital part of the state’s deer management program. It is estimated deer hunting contributes more than $150 million to the state’s economy each year.