My Thoughts

Insider was wrong about reality television. The old guy figured this would just be a fad that would pass by after a few years. That’s not the case. There seem to be just as many shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars and others today as there were a few years ago. It seems they are here to stay, and Insider figures it must be about the mighty dollar. Although all of these shows give away a lot of money to the winner(s), it must pale in comparison to having to compensate those actors and actresses who make more in a 10 minutes than Insider gets in social security compensation for the year. That’s all well and good if the networks want to continue to peddle this crap, but the old guy will not be jumping on the bandwagon. He will just shun the major networks and flip to the History Channel or A&E, two of his favorites these days that actually produce stuff worth watching.

You’re an old-timer if: you are a Republican; a bible is in your house and you actually read it; tap water is just fine with you; one pair of jeans is enough; you still wear shoes that are 10 years old; you take a pill with each meal; you vote whenever you are called to do so; distractions are a good thing; you don’t care if your socks match; you shower at night; you actually burn wood in your fireplace; you like your meat on the rare side; you eat out only on special occasions; you don’t understand what it means to “go green”; you manually balance your check book; you cut your own grass; and you only carry cash.

You’re a young-timer if: watching TV without a remote control is out of the question; you are a Democrat; you never use the phone book; you don’t drink water out of the tap; your closest is full of jeans; you don’t care about what you eat; you vote only when it’s convenient and does not interfere with your busy life; you like reality television; you don’t like to wear socks; relaxing means sitting in front of the television; you have a fake fireplace in your house; if everything you eat must be well done; you crave constant praise and adulation; you would rather eat out than cook at home; you pay someone to cut your grass; you trust the bank to balance your check book; reading is a chore; you think a pony tail is cool; you only carry around a charge card; and the sight of a gray hair sends you to the salon.