My Thoughts

It seems like everyone is going to college these days. That’s all well and good, but Insider wonders when it became a requirement to be a so-called somebody or a success you had to have a college degree. When did going off to an over-priced school of alleged higher learning become required to be a success? Why does sitting in a classroom for four years hearing an underachiever preach the ins and outs of something he or she does not know enough about to be a success in the field become so important?

The old guy wonders if the people responsible for the decisions in the financial world attended college. It was those folks who led us to this financial crisis most of the world is dealing with today. It was these folks and their decision making that have forced us law-abiding, taxpaying, home-owning citizens to bear the burden of bailing out the economy. Surely they did attend college and apparently they were just greedy and not all that smart. Is that what’s taught at college? Ways to cheat the system to make you richer beyond your wildest imagination. Insider wonders what a person who makes $25 million a year does with all that money. Maybe you learn what to do with that kind of money at college. The old guy would not know. He didn’t go to college. When he was growing up, college was for rich folks and his parents did not fall into that category.

Insider came across a report last weekend saying it costs about $400,000 on average to send a kid to a state-owned school. Add another $100,000 if you want to go to a private school, whatever that means. Half a million dollars to send a punk kid to a school he may or may not like and may or may not learn anything while attending. It’s an unbelievable amount of money. Apparently, most parents cannot afford to pay this out of pocket so the government loans the kid the money to attend and a payment plan is worked out after the kid graduates. It’s called financial aid and the money come from taxes. The old guy did not know this so now he has another item to add to his ongoing list of things he does not feel his taxpayer money should be spent on. First, the taxpayers have to pay for children to go to public schools from kindergarten to 12th grade and now it’s extended another four, eight or 12 years for college, law school or medical school and so on. Damn those liberals.