Town Bids Farewell To Bambary

BERLIN – After eight years of serving the town of Berlin, Administrative Director Linda Bambary retired from her post this week.

“I have mixed feelings,” Bambary said on Tuesday, her last day on the job. “I’ve worked with the staff and the council the last eight years. We’ve been through our highs and lows. We’ve been through a lot. We’ve accomplished a lot.”

Bambary’s career in Berlin has emphasized policy revision and streamlining, to help the town cope with the major projects and decisions facing the town, specifically the wastewater treatment plant and looming decisions over the electric utility. Those policy changes should give staff the tools to get the work done, Bambary said. She said she would have liked to have seen the electric utility get back on its feet and to have seen the wastewater treatment plant funding process completed and the expansion built.

“I’m going to miss seeing those things come to fruition,” Bambary said. 

But Bambary will not miss the schedule, particularly working late on town council meeting nights.

“I’m a little bit burned out from the last four years, the workload,” Bambary said. “I’ve probably never worked a 40-hour week. It’s been 50 and 60 routinely.”

Bambary had no complaints with the work, her staff, or Berlin’s elected officials.

“It’s been a pleasure working for them. They’re progressive. They’ve really looked out for the town,” said Bambary. “I have enjoyed Berlin.”

Senior staffer Mary Bohlen will bridge the gap between Bambary and a new administrative director as acting administrative director.

“I’m not going to be able to step into her shoes. She did so many things in the time she was here. I’d be just playing catch-up to try to do the same,” Bohlen said. “Personally, I consider her a very great friend and I’m going to miss her. Professionally, she was a terrific administrator and boss and I’m certainly going to miss her.”

Administrative Assistant Sharon Timmons echoed those thoughts.

“It’s a real sad time. She was somebody that really took the interests of the town at heart,” said Timmons. “Her concerns were for the town. I feel it’s going to be a loss…we’ll pull together and do the best we can.”

The hiring process for Bambary’s replacement continues. 

“We are in the middle of negotiations with the person we offered the position to,” said Mayor Gee Williams.

At the Berlin Mayor and Council meeting on Wednesday, Williams presented Bambary with a proclamation praising her service to the town of Berlin.

“She has been the glue that holds the town together,” said Williams.           “I don’t think words quite express our thanks. We wish you all the best.”