My Thoughts

Insider is not a smart guy, or as his grandson says, “you’re not the brightest crayon in the box, pop pop”, and does not fully understand the economic crisis confronting America. All the news reports confuse the old guy easily because they are dealing with numbers beyond his comprehension. Insider does not even know how many zeroes are in that $700 billion figure thrown around regarding some sort of bailout. He thinks there’s 11 in there, but he’s not sure and has no idea where this money is going or how it will impact his household. It’s also confusing where the money is going to come from. Somewhere along the line, politics became extremely confusing for the average man. It’s become increasingly difficult to figure out exactly what’s going on in Washington, D.C. and the national media is not helping matters. Perhaps that’s exactly how the folks in the Crapitol building and the Slime House want it to be. Keep it so complex only they can understand it and leave the average folks in the dark so they can do what they wish when they want.

The old guy likes to keep things simple, and he has a simple idea. It seems to him if the country stopped shipping so much money to countries far from here we would all be a lot better off. It’s called foreign aid. Insider calls it free money. Why are we sending $4 million a year to a central African nation named Chad? Insider’s sources say that figure is increased every year to help deal with a variety of human crises in that poor nation. There are dozens of other countries that get more and some that get less. Why is our money being exported when we have a host of problems in our own backyard to deal with?

The old guy wonders if the smart politicians would simply abort all aid to other countries for a couple years and return some of that money to the folks within the U.S. border if that would improve the economy. How about a one-time handout (and not $300) to all citizens to help in difficult times? Surely, it would help folks pay off their mortgages, improve their homes, help with their children’s education, etc. All that would have to help the economy in our own backyard. It makes sense, perhaps too much sense because when Insider pitched the idea to his best friend she laughed at him, saying something to the extent of it would never happen and the old guy should get his head out of the clouds. Hmmm…