My Thoughts

Insider does not understand why people plaster bumper stickers all over their nice vehicles. Time and time again, the old guy sees expensive vehicles ruined by goofy stickers. Some noticed the other day in the Wal-Mart shopping center were “Nobama”, “Proud Parent Of An Honor Student,” “Women For Palin,” “Baby On Board,” “Bush Hater,” “Vote Bud Church,” “Gone Phishing,” “Gay Is The Way,” “OBX,” “Beach Lax,” “Go Ravens,” and “Change Is Here.” Insider has no idea what some of these are even talking about, but if you want to ruin a $50,000 Mercedes Benz plaster a “Nobama” sticker on it. The old guy won’t even do that to his old red pickup.

Some young-timers named Gulyas and Williams have been filling up local mailboxes with campaign literature touting themselves as the greatest things since sliced bread. Insider likes reading over all this kind of propaganda with a pencil and pad, writing down all the promises each candidate makes. He has been doing it since the 1950s when he could first vote. Back then it was a way for him to understand what the candidates were touting. He believed everything he read back then because he was lame-brained and new to the whole politics thing. The old guy knows better now. He doesn’t believe anything any politician says anymore. He just jots down everything they promise and then sends them a poison pen letter each time they break their word. He is usually quite busy.

The old guy is not much for the presidential debates, but he figured he had to watch at least one so he opted for this week’s town hall-style event between Obama and McCain. Insider has always voted along Republican Party lines because they are friendlier to small business, the backbone of this country, and he does not plan to change his lifelong pattern this election. That’s not to say Obama is a bad guy. Quite the contrary, he seems like a decent young timer who could do some good things for the country. He seems intent on helping the middle class, of which Insider is a ranking member, and making the wealthy pay more. All fine there, but the kid needs more experience and lots of it. Eight to 12 years from now he could be a legitimate candidate. Overall, McCain is more in touch with the Insider’s beliefs. It does not hurt he’s a fellow old-timer.