My Thoughts

It’s obvious Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nomination on John McCain’s ticket, is too pretty, too inexperienced in worldly affairs, too eloquent and too young to be vice president. All of that could be said about Barack Obama. The difference is he’s running for president.

The old guy read where a certain Silly Council candidate in the seaside town of Ocean City has some grand plans once he is put in office. Some of the concepts sound pretty good. Insider likes the idea of replacing parking lots with parks, building a monorail system and concentrating more on the senior citizens. All that sounds logical, but the old guy almost fell out of his rocking chair when he read the young timer wants to put an end to tobacco sales on the island. It’s not only an unrealistic idea but a stupid one at that. His reasoning has nothing to do with health. It’s part of his “green” platform and he doesn’t want to find them on the beach and roads. It makes Insider wonder what it is this young timer has been smoking. It’s obviously not cigarettes, but perhaps it should have been.

One of the networks is advertising something called “National Stay At Home Week.” Insider understands it’s a ploy to try and get folks to watch some of the new shows and returning favorites for ratings week coming up. For the last two months, the television has featured ads promoting the latest and greatest new shows, none of which seem to have the old guy among their target.

Insider took out his notepad the other night and here’s some of the previews he saw over a couple hours. There’s one show about a lawyer who is all sexed up over his secretary who may or may not be a lesbian. There’s another about a group of doctors who never actually operate on anyone except each other in the local saloon. There’s another one about a minor league baseball team that has never won a game but always seems to be having fun off the field with each other. There’s another about a female lawyer who likes to file lawsuits against husbands who can’t keep their hands off their spouses’ mothers and fathers. There’s another about a crime investigator who considers retirement because he’s in love with a colleague who is having trouble sleeping at night after quitting her job at an escort agency. Still, there’s another about a man who moves in with his parents after realizing he married a tramp who only wanted his money and house.