Berlin Utilities Comm. Seeks Member

BERLIN – The Berlin Utilities Commission (BUC) has at least one vacancy after the departure of BUC chair Damian Preziosi, and is looking for someone with experience to fill that spot.

Preziosi resigned from the BUC in late August, citing the lack of respect for the BUC by the town government.

At their first meeting after Preziosi’ s resignation, the three BUC members present elected a new chair and discussed the need for a new member.

BUC member Erik Quisgard also said that BUC member Rick Baldwin had not attended many meetings recently, implying the possibility of a second vacancy on the utilities board.

According to Berlin Councilwoman Paula Lynch, the town council has not discussed candidates for the BUC vacancy in public session.

Lynch advised the BUC to ask for recommendations for the slot from the town council.

“We want someone with really relevant technical experience,” Quisgard said. “Wastewater is the biggest thing looming.”

Reportedly, at least one Berlin citizen with a background in plumbing and HVAC is interested in the post.

The BUC elected a new chair this month, to replace Preziosi, after some discussion of waiting to choose a chair after a new member is approved.

“My feeling is we all need to take a turn. The chair is just the person who reads the agenda,” Quisgard said.

Quisgard acknowledged that other members, like former chair Baldwin, feel the BUC chair should lead the BUC in the direction he thinks is best.

Baldwin was absent from the September meeting.

Quisgard, who has chaired the BUC meetings since Preziosi’s resignation, said he was willing to take on the position.

“I think you’d make a great chair,” said audience member Sue Beaman, whose husband Mike Beaman sits on the BUC. “It’s all about money and you understand it.”

Quisgard, an accountant, said his contribution would be the same whether holding the BUC chair position or simply as a member.

Quisgard suggested holding off on electing a chair until a new member joined the BUC, but Mike Beaman and Sean Coughlin of the BUC decided to go ahead with the vote. Mike Beaman nominated Quisgard, and the vote was unanimous.