‘Buddy’ Entering Retirement

‘Buddy’ Entering Retirement

OCEAN CITY – Long-time Ocean City Police Mounted Patrol horse
“Buddy” was officially retired by the OCPD this week at the rank of sergeant
and will live out the days after his distinguished career at the farm of one of
his fellow officers.

The OCPD announced this
week “Buddy” is being retired after 16 years of dedicated service to the town
of Ocean City.
Throughout his career, Buddy has been the faithful and loyal partner to several
OCPD Mounted Patrol officers and has been involved in hundreds of arrests as
well as crowd control situations, searches for lost children, public events,
demonstrations and parades.

Because of his demeanor
and dependability, Buddy was routinely used as the primary new mounted officer
training horse. His vast experience made Buddy a regular choice for
high-profile events in and out of the resort area including President Bill
Clinton’s second inauguration parade in January 1997 in the nation’s capital.

Upon the announcement of
his official retirement this week, OCPD Chief Bernadette DiPino promoted Buddy
to the rank of sergeant. He is believed to be about 26 years old and has been
with the department for the last 16 years. To ensure his safe and tranquil
transition to retirement, an OCPD officer and his family have agreed to stable
Buddy at their farm for his remaining days where he will continue to be cared
for by his OCPD family.

The Ocean City Police
Mounted Unit was established in 1989 to provide a highly visible and mobile tactical
unit. The mounted officers’ presence produces a sense of safety and security
for residents of the resort and visitors alike. Among its many functions are
crowd control, community relations, search and rescue and special events.