State Champions Crowned As Waves Cooperate

OCEAN CITY – After a three-week flat spell, the ocean finally came to life again last weekend, just in time for the 2008 Quiet Storm Maryland State Championships, which had already been postponed once due to no surf.

With the arrival of the swell, over 200 competitors had only a couple of days to get their sea legs back before the start of the contest Saturday morning. Though by that time the swell had dropped somewhat, it was still contestable, and ESA director Chris Makibbin challenged the surfers to use all their skills to make the most of the clean waist to occasional chest high waves, which he said would be a good primer for the Easterns if the customary swell for that event fails to materialize. Distinctive to the Maryland State Championships is the inclusion of several Open divisions in addition to the normal line up, which as the name suggests, are open to all age groups. The winner of these divisions are deemed Maryland State Surfing Champion and are hotly contested. This year, Dale and Kelly Loeser of Quiet Storm Surf Shops located in Ocean City and Rehoboth Beach and Lewes, Del. stepped up to sponsor the event.

The Open Men’s Division is by far the most highly contested division, and this year was no exception. Matt Meinhardt bested a stacked field of finalists to capture the coveted title of Maryland State Surfing Champion. Fifteen-year-old Rachel Harrell, who was also the Junior Girl’s winner, took on all ages in the Open Women’s division to also claim the title of 2008 Maryland State Women’s Surfing Champion. In the longboard division, co-ESA directors Chris Makibbin and Chris Vaxmonsky took the small Ocean City Inlet rights apart, with Makibbin besting Vaxmonsky to become the Maryland State Longboard Champion.

Here’s a look at the complete results in order of finish:

Open Men’s Shortboard (all ages): Matt Meinhardt, Dillon Harrington, Mike Lawson, Travis Knight, Waldon Remington and Jamie Crosby.

Open Women’s Shortboard (all ages): Rachel Harrell, Daniell Ariano, Kelly Powell, Kelsey Willison, Jenna Landon and Tierney Loeser.

Open Longboard (all ages): Chris Makibbin, Chris Vaxmonsky, Matt Meinhardt, Austin Cook, Robert Fernandez and Bill Helmuth.

Open Bodyboard (all ages): Matt Landon, Josh Mitchell, Matt Meinhardt, Brady Faby, Craig Chatterton and Ty Webb.

Menehune Shortboard (boys/girls 11 & under): Shane Moore, Simon Hetrick, Evan Conboy, Jack Fager, Tyler Clazey and Melissa Harrell.

Girls Shortboard (14 & under): Tierney Loeser.

Boys Shortboard (12-14): Brad Flora, Seth Conboy, Noah Conboy, Dallas Harrington, Jimmy Edmunds and Ryan Thane.

Jr. Men Shortboard (15-17): Austin Deppe, Dillon Harrington, Corey Brown, Matt Meinhardt, Austin Gerachis and Andrew Stewart.

Jr. Women Shortboard (15-17): Rachel Harrell, Kelly Powell, Jenna Landon and Lindsay Meeks.

Men Shortboard (18-24): Roy Harrell, Travis Knight, Mikey Lawson, Waldon Remington, David Miller and Dane Woolyhan.

Women Shortboard (18-29): Chelsea Remines, Kelcey Bodolus, Kaitlyn Curren and Kelsey Willison.

Masters Shortboard (25-34): Chris Makibbin, Jack Thomas and Matt Miller.

Ladies Shortboard (30+): Danielle Ariano and Bonnie Preziosi.

Sr. Men Shortboard (35-44): Keith White, Chris Vaxmonsky and Craig Garfield.

Grand Masters (45-54): Doug Brown and JD Moore.

Legends Shortboard (55-64): Bill Helmuth and Bill Thomson

Grand Legends Shortboard (65+): Bryant Hungerford.

Menehune Bodyboard (boys/girls 14 & under): Matt Meekins, Brooks Gilbert, Brady Cooling, Jake Walsh, Carter Michael and Griffin McWilliams.

Menehune Longboard (boys/girls 14 & under): Robert Fernandez, Roland Gerachis, Johnny Moore, Shane Moore, Chase Schmehling and Carter Pruitt.

Jr. Longboard (15-17): Matt Meinhardt and Austin Cook.

Men’s Longboard (18-34): Chris Makibbin and Travis Knight.

Women’s Longboard (29 & under): Chelsea Remines, Rachel Harrell and Lindsay Meeks.

Ladies Longboard (30+): Bonnie Preziosi.

Masters Longboard (35-49): Chris Vaxmonsky, Doug Brown and Keith White.

Legends Longboard (50+): Bill Thomson and Bill Helmuth.