Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Praise For School Board


Bluewater Advertorial  

(The following letter was addressed to the Worcester County Board of Education and a copy was forwarded to this newspaper for publication.)

I commend the Board of Education for the professional and direct manner in which you collectively and individually responded to Commissioner Virgil Shockley and the County Commissioners assault upon Dr. John Andes, Superintendent of Schools. What took place in the Commissioners meeting room is tantamount to bullying in the classroom. The Board responded in a precise and direct manner letting Commissioner Shockley know that his behavior, and his two participating counterparts, was unacceptable.

Nevertheless, I am saddened that our public officials would expose themselves to such scrutiny before the eyes of our youth and the public. While this “I am King” attitude has become a long standing trade mark of the Worcester County Commissioner, It is my hope that the Board of Educations response singles the end to behavior that is unprofessional and discourteous to those that come, or seek to come, before the commissioners (that are elected as severest of the people).

Notwithstanding, we must move on. In resolving this incident, respectfully, please allow me to admonish you to be transparent with the public in negotiating the resolution (s) to this unfortunate incident.  I read in the paper that Commissioner Shockley has offered to meet privately “one on one” with Dr. Andes for discussions. The olive branch, the mark of a true politician! Any agreement or understanding that cannot bear public scrutiny represents no agreement at all.

The leadership that Dr. Andes has provided to our community, as superintendent, is highly commendable. You, members of the Board of Education, have met the standard of excellence in your stance to protect his honesty and integrity in the line of duty. Our school system and this community will be the better for your actions. The message has gone out, you sent it, bullying will not be tolerated. It is not acceptable in any quarter. Whether it be in the schoolroom or the Commissions meeting room; it is unacceptable!

Edward S. Lee

Snow Hill

Disgusted By Disrespect


I have never been filled with more disgust in my life by the things my wife and I witnessed during 4th of July week. On July 2, we were on the beach and a large group of Hispanics arrived. They startled to undress right in front of everyone right down to their underwear. Some put on gym shorts while others ran in the ocean in their briefs. Another beach-goer went over and talked with them, well no one spoke English so they got nowhere. They only stayed for an hour, but the mess they left behind was incredible. They just walked away leaving large food trays, paper plates, soda cans, etc.

Now this tops it all and its quite sickening. On the morning of July 4th my wife and I went to a downtown restaurant for breakfast. It looked like we were being invaded with car after car filled with Hispanics looking for parking spaces. First off, we saw five cars not pay for parking which is no problem for them as they may be illegal so a ticket means nothing. I pay taxes and obey the law so I have to pay for parking while people who are in this country illegally (criminals) get off scott free.

This next incident was one of the most sickening things I have ever witnessed in my 49 years on earth. A Hispanic woman was standing on the sidewalk directly across from the restaurant. She wrapped a towel around her bottom half and proceeded to place her hands near her genitals. The next thing we know is a used female hygiene product fell to the ground and apparently a new one was inserted. The thing on the ground was not picked up, she just left. This is how animals live and I for one am tired of it.

If you are going to visit our great town, have respect for those of us who obey the laws and exhibit common decency.

Craig Schamburg

Ocean City

Parking Is Lost With Each New Project


As a year-round resident, I am disturbed that each time a new condo is built along Wight Street several parking spaces are lost to visitors and residents to enjoy the beach, For instance, when a four-unit building was constructed on 143rd Street and Wight, at least five parking spaces were lost to beach-goers. For seasonal residents on 144th street to say that they are happy with their private parking and want to keep their pristine park gives me pause. My understanding is that the triangle of land in question is public land and further that the fence surrounding it was placed there by an entity other than the Town of Ocean City. If that is the case, the fence should be removed. If the fence was placed there by the town, it should still be removed for it serves no purpose.

How nice of the self-appointed leader of 144th street to say that they graciously allow all comers to use “their beach”. A similar issue was dealt with by the town several years ago when the construction at 142nd street and Wight upset seasonal residents of that street who had constructed their own dune and garden on land that they did not own. That case was settled with compromise. The expropriation of public lands by private parties is a poor precedent in any community. Taxpaying, voting residents of Caine Woods are getting older by the minute and it is becoming more difficult each year for them to find parking at he beach.

Seniors on Barge, Laurel, Sailing and other area streets who are no longer able to walk back and forth to their beach are foregoing that pleasure. Handicap parking is minimal between 142nd and 146th streets. No resident has a right to treat our streets as a private domain and as far as the cute little getaway on 144th street, ask a harried family in a car with three kids when its 95 degrees outside or a senior with a cane what they think about the “pristine little park” when they can’t park their car.

For a long time there has been a need for a true handicapped accessible beach in Ocean City. While visiting Hilton Beach Island in the fall, I saw walkways to the beach covered with durable fiberglass mats allowing canes and wheelchairs good access. Perhaps these enhancements, along with several additional handicap parking spaces on 144th Street would be of more value to residents and visitors to Ocean City than a dune/park with access denied by a fence. When discussing the issue with a resident of the oceanfront at 144th street, he declared that there was plenty of parking in Ocean City. I dare say that he never had to search for a spot because he enjoyed private parking.

Robert Kimmel

Ocean City

Mikulski Criticized


This is a copy of my response to a letter I sent Senator Barbara Milkulski chiding her for taking the Fourth of July recess without a vote to drill for more oil. She thought I wasn’t in favor of drilling.


I didn’t support not drilling in Anwar Do you read our letters? Nothing in your letter is true with reference to the detrimental effects of drilling for oil there. Where they want to drill, employing directional drilling, is a virtual wasteland, comparatively the size of a stamp in a football field? What does history show us that can go wrong? Nothing. Lower fuel prices will result very soon because the speculators will bid the price of oil down in fear of a future flooded market just because you all voted to increase drilling.

You liberal Democrats spewed the same negative propaganda about the pipeline. Now, there are more caribou then ever in that region and more oil. It’s obvious that you liberals are more concerned with the money you all get for your campaigns from the environmental special interest groups then your constituency suffering from high fuel prices. You get away with telling half or untruths because the vast majority of people don’t know what is really going on.

Dennis W Evans


New Ad Applauded


I live in northeast Pennsylvania, and always listen to WMMR 93.3 in Philadelphia. Over the weekend, I heard the ads for Ocean City running. It was funny.

Because I have been reading the semi-controversy over this campaign since its inception, I’m not sure if the ad would make me run to book a vacation, but it makes you stop, listen and think.

My family and I will be in Ocean City for eight days, starting Friday, July 18. My 3-year-old granddaughter is doing a days to the beach countdown, so we will make sure we take in all the ambiance, in case the ocean does dry up.

Mike Kane

Ashland, Pa.


It’s nice of Ocean City to provide recreation for teens and young adults. However, if the problems Ocean City and its police force had with the under-21 clubs on 45th street, that should have been an adequate message as to discontinue any of them to operate.

I have a place near the new location. We observed young teens drinking from a flask, beer drinking, sleeping in cars and urinating out in public. If we walk directly from our place to the Boardwalk, it can be intimidating with the thugs hanging out of these clubs. Lets not forget the young lady that was murdered several years ago. In addition, since the opening of these clubs every morning, the street is littered with empty beer cans and bottles. These are teens?

 As an attraction, Ocean City represents this resort as a family resort. How many families want to walk past clubs like this? Why don’t the churches have dances and youth fellowship programs to entertain the teens? I’m sure a majority of the teens would rather go to a place where they feel safe. Unfortunately, it just takes a few bad apples to infect the rest.

Russell Richelderfer

Willow Street, Pa.

Ocean City

Bring On Wind Farm


Seems Delaware is going to be another first. Windmills off their coast. A thing that is going to be a benefit in the future for our country. The slots are there, bringing in revenue that helps their schools. New energy that is going to be needed for the people in Delaware (looking at the future).

Now Maryland (Ocean City) doesn’t think the tourists would want to see the skyline messed up with windmills. Yet, condos seem to be okay. Energy is going to be needed to light up those condos and lights for the many bars. The windmills could help with the energy needed.

Don’t forget the slots. Will they be okayd come November? We’ll see. Ocean City argues the family image and crime rate. Shucks, read the daily newspaper. Court reports sure take up a lot of space. Robbery is on the move. Then the family amusements being replaced by condos. What a sight for the tourists. No more roller coasters and no more bumper cars. Just a few putt-putts. What does the future hold for Ocean City? The ocean being up to the Boardwalk with this global warming (the Arctic icebergs melting).

After being around 85 years with the changes, the American people of the good old USA will still be here. Somehow there’s a way.

Arthur “Otts” Trabert