My Thoughts

My Thoughts

Insider has a thing for rabbits and it’s not a good thing. Those pesky little bastards wreak havoc on the old guy’s garden and always help themselves to whatever is growing nicely. For years, Insider has been chasing away the furry bounce-a-lots and recently he resorted to training his best friend, the German shepherd, to chase after them. All Insider has to say is “rabbit” and the dog goes crazy, flying out the door in reckless abandon at whatever time the word uttered. Unfortunately, she has never met success, which Insider assumes is to catch one in her mouth, shake it around a little and then release it, but she always gives it her all. It just seems to not be enough.

The old guy always envied the life of an artist. Who else does not have to work for a living? Of course, that’s not really true. They do work, but not like most folks. They work hard at their hobby for a couple months for no money, all in the hope of completing some pieces and later selling them at whatever price they feel it’s worth, whether it be at a gallery or hawking them on the streets or in advertisements. They work at their own pace, most likely only when they need money. They do what they love, when they want. It’s an admirable lifestyle.

Insider has never been infatuated by art, but he knows what he likes when he sees it. There’s not a lot hanging on the old guy’s walls at homes, due to the fact much of the interior is brick. However, in the few areas where things can be hung, there are some knock-off pieces of art by unknown artists. Insider cannot remember where he picked them up, but he likes them as much today as he did when he brought them home. That would seem to be the true test of art. If it’s enjoyed as much years later as it was originally, then it must be called a success.

Have you ever stared straight up into the sky? It’s like staring at nothing, but it’s entertaining nonetheless. On some days, there’s no clouds, it’s all sun and an amazing color of blue. Other days there are big puffy clouds that block the sun partially but shades of blue peak through. Other days there’s no sun at all, just oversized clouds that have an ominous feel. Still there are other days when the sky is scary, featuring dark shades of gray, signaling a downpour is on its way. It’s all things Mother Nature and each day it’s entertaining.