Surf Improves In Time For 2nd Annual Surfabout

OCEAN CITY – The 2008 Chauncey’s Surfabout ran June 28 at 30th Street in Ocean City with great summertime waves for over 160 competitors from Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida.

This is the second year Chauncey and Blair Rhodes of Chauncey’s Surf Shops at 30th Street and 52nd Street in Ocean City have sponsored a contest for the Delmarva Eastern Surfing Association and their involvement has been a big boon to the local organization.

The competition was extremely fierce this year as many experienced competitors were lured to the event by the first real swell of the summer. 

In the hotly contested Junior Men’s division, Matt Meinhardt proved to be on a roll, placing first again in this second contest of the season, followed closely by Dillon Harrington.  Likewise, Travis Knight pulled another first out of his hat, winning by a hair over a red hot Walden Remington in the Men’s Division.  Remington got his revenge in the Open Men’s Division, however, winning top honors over a stacked field of finalists, including second place finisher Mike Lawson, with Dillon Harrington taking third. Another big winner during the day was local powerhouse Ted Smith, who took first in both Master’s Shortboard as well as in Men’s Longboard.

The next Delmarva ESA event will be the Malibus Classic, which will be held at 8th Street in Ocean City, Maryland, July 12-13. Due to the size of this event, entries should be mailed in to Delmarva ESA, P.O. Box 207,  Ocean City, Md. 21843 or drop off entry to Malibu’s Surf Shop only, with an entry deadline of July 10. Call the toll-free contest information line at 1-888-632-4742 for the latest contest update and location. Check out the Eastern Surfing Association Delmarva District’s web-site at for more information and to view a schedule of upcoming events.

The results in order of finish from last weekend’s competition are as follows:

Open Shortboard (all ages): Walden Remington, Mike Lawson, Dillon Harrington, Jamie Crosby, Matt Meinhardt and Travis Knight.

Menehune Shortboard (boys/girls 11 & under): Shane Moore of Berlin, Patick Ruppert, Tyler Clazey, Melissa Harrell, Evan Conboy and Jack Fager.

Girls Shortboard (14 & under): Tierney Loeser and Claire Zurkowski Havre de Grace.

Boys Shortboad (12-14): Brad Flora, Gabe Bell, Avery Sieg, Seth Conboy, Dallas Harrington and Roland Gerachis.

Jr. Men Shortboard (15-17): Matt Meinhardt, Dillon Harrington, Jamie Crosby, Andrew Stewart, Austin Gerachis and Caleb Buchler.

Jr. Women Shortboard (15-17): Rachel Harrell, Kelly Powell and Lindsey Meeks.

Men Shortboard (18-24): Travis Knight, Waldon Remington, Mike Lawson, Roy Harrell, Aviad Sasi and George Vitak.

Women Shortboard (18-29): Laurel Harrington, Kaitlyn Curran, Kelcey Bodolus, Mackenzie White, Chelsea Remines and Abigail Corrin.

Masters Shortboard (25-34): Ted Smith, Pat Merkle, Gatey Dawkins, Jack Thomas, Chris Makibbin and Andrew Snook.

Ladies Shortboard (30+): Danielle Ariano and Bonnie Preziosi.

Sr. Men Shortboard (35-44): Chris Vaxmonsky, Craig Garfield and Dave Clazey.

Grand Masters Shortboard (45-54): JD Moore and Dean Thompson.

Legends Shortboard (55-64): Bill Helmuth and Brett Buchler.

Grand Legends Shortboard (65+): Bryant Hungerford.

Menehune Bodyboard (boys/girls 14 & under): Michael Murray, Ryan Thane, Andrew Powell, Nate Rosenblat, Matt Meekins and Zachary Mitchell.

Open Bodyboard (all ages): Jake Buchler, Matt Landon, Zach Robbins,

Caleb Buchler, Brady Faby and Craig Chatterton.

Menehune Longboard (boys/girls 14 & under): Roland Gerachis, Bob Fernandez, Tyler Clazey, Carter Pruitt, Ryder Lahr , Johnny Moore and Ben Vaxmonsky.

Jr. Longboard (15-17): Jake Buchler, Matt Meinhardt, Jake Buchler, Caleb Buchler and Doug Dashiell.

Men’s Longboard (18-34): Ted Smith, Chris Makibbin, Pat Merkle, Roy Harrell and Aviad Sasi.

Women’s Longboard (29 & under): Chelsea Remines, Rachel Harrell, Kelcey Bodolus and Kaitlyn Curran.

Ladies Longboard (30+): Bonnie Preziosi.

Masters Longboard (35-49): Chris Vaxmonsky, Craig Garfield and Dave Clazey.

Legends Longboard (50+): Bill Helmuth and Bill Thomson.