Man Flees Wreck, Returns To Drag Passenger Away

OCEAN CITY – A Baltimore man was arrested this week for leaving the scene of an accident involving injuries and other serious charges after crashing his vehicle into a telephone poll, fleeing the scene to a nearby apartment and coming back a short time later for his unconscious female passenger.

Shortly after midnight on Monday, OCPD Pfc. Aaron Morgan responded to a reported motor vehicle accident involving injuries on Baltimore Ave. around 5th Street. While en route to the scene, Morgan was advised by other OCPD officers the driver had fled the scene. When he arrived, the officer observed a Mazda passenger car had struck a telephone poll, but the driver was nowhere to be found.

Several witnesses in the area told police the driver had fled the scene and entered a nearby residence. The witnesses also told police the female passenger had been dragged out of the crashed vehicle and into the residence.

Fearing for the safety of those inside, the officers entered the unit through the locked door. Inside they found the driver of the vehicle, identified as Timur Aflitunov, 21, of Baltimore, in a bathroom trying to clean blood from his face. A short time later, police found the female victim in an upstairs bedroom. She had abrasions on her neck and shoulder consistent with those often caused by a seatbelt during a collision. EMS responded and treated the girl for her injuries.

Meanwhile, Morgan went back to the accident scene and observed the vehicle’s windshield had a facial impression in it including the distinguishable marks of a forehead, nose and mouth. The impressions in the windshield were consistent with the injuries sustained by Aflitunov. The officers now had plenty of evidence connecting Aflitunov and the female victim to the accident, but they still did not have a clear picture of what had happened.

Witnesses told police the vehicle began revving its engine at the corner of 5th Street and Baltimore Ave. and accelerated rapidly causing the driver, Aflitunov, to lose control and crash into the utility pole. Other witnesses said after the crash Aflitunov got out and ran into the house on 5th Street. A short time later, Aflitunov and a friend returned to the scene, and Aflitunov got something out of the trunk while the other man dragged the unconscious female out of the car.

Aflitunov was charged with 11 serious traffic violations including failure to remain at the scene of an accident involving bodily injury.