Irie Radio Lands Big Fish For Afternoon Show

OCEAN CITY –A familiar voice will be broadcasting through the airwaves Monday afternoon, as Don Geronimo returns to radio, this time through local 98.1 WOCM-FM.

Don Geronimo, famous for his part in the East Coast popular afternoon-drive radio show, “The Don and Mike Show”, will join the Irie Radio crew Monday, July 7, bringing with him over 40 years of radio experience and the quick-witted banter that made him famous as an afternoon radio personality.

Geronimo, whose real name is Michael Sorce, left the Washington-based WJFK on May 30, after 23 years as the co-host of the Don and Mike Show. Don and Mike (O’Meara) have become famous over the years for their 3-7 p.m. radio show, syndicated in 25 cities. O’Meara has since continued with the show.

Geronimo began his career at the age of 13 and has been on the airwaves ever since. He took a brief hiatus from the air in 2005, when his wife Freda died on July 10, 2005 in a tragic car accident on Route 90. Freda, his wife of 25 years, was a frequent caller to the Don and Mike Show and a favorite guest-caller amongst the fans.

Geronimo announced his official retirement in February of this year, expressing a desire to move to the beach and fulfill the dream he and Freda shared, enjoying the beach and spending time with their son, Bart. Geronimo also indicated in several interviews, his desire to escape the restrictions of corporate radio.

Only a few months after announcing his retirement, Geronimo dropped another announcement on the airwaves. While sitting in as an in-studio guest on WOCM’s “Rude Awakening” show, Geronimo announced he would be returning to the airwaves, via WOCM.

Starting this Monday, Geronimo will be broadcasting live via Irie Radio, filling in the 1 to 3 p.m. timeslot on weekdays with “Don Geronimo’s Rockin’ Soul Show”.

Geronimo will soon be able to be seen as well as heard, explained Seacrets and Irie Radio owner Leighton Moore this week. Expansive glass windows are being added to the radio station, giving patrons of the establishment a chance to see Geronomio and others as they broadcast live from the station.

‘We’re one of the last working, independent radio stations with live DJ’s, day and night,” said Moore.

With Geronimo looking to retire to the beach area and WOCM looking for afternoon talent, the match couldn’t have been better.

“He wanted to end his career at the place where he can be himself,” said Moore. ‘They are free to say and be. It’s like old-time radio.”