Governor Films Safety Commercial With Area Students

Governor Films Safety Commercial With Area Students

OCEAN CITY – Worcester County public school children from Snow Hill Elementary and Middle Schools had the opportunity to work alongside Governor Martin O’Malley for a school bus safety advertisement on June 24 in Ocean City.

One of O’Malley’s initiatives is to improve public safety and public education in Maryland. The purpose of the advertisement is to communicate the rules and regulations that motorists must follow when encountering a school bus that is stopped on a residential road and is receiving students.

The 30-second advertisement will run in Maryland movie theatres during the month of August, in advance of the new school year. The advertisement is the product of the Governor’s Office of Communications and the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention.

Superintendent Dr. Jon Andes appreciates the governor’s efforts in promoting school bus safety.

“Combined, our school buses travel a total of 1,438,704 miles a year. The safety of our students and bus contractors is paramount,” said Andes. “All efforts to inform motorists of rules and regulations regarding school buses are deeply appreciated.”