My Thoughts

My Thoughts

On quiet days, Insider can hear what’s happening in Ocean City from his house. Although it was not particularly quiet around the homestead, thanks to a handyman neighbor installing Lord knows what, this week was one of those times as he could hear planes, jets and the like soaring in the skies. The old guy had no idea what it was until his best friend reminded him this was the week for the air show. Insider does not know much about that, and he would never go into Ocean City on a hot June afternoon to play with the punks, but one thing he is quite sure about: it reminded him of Normandy.

Everybody’s complaining about the hot, sweaty weather. Not too many weeks ago everyone was complaining about the unseasonably cold, rainy weather. A few months from now everybody will be complaining about all of the hurricanes threatening this Maryland resort. Our present weather system is crazy. Remember the flooding in the mid-west, the tornadoes in the south. Their numbers set some sort of record, which will only stand for a couple years until another system blows through. Something’s going on out there with this weather of extremes. Where’s the happy medium here?

Someone pointed out the other day that the old guy’s hair was thining, to which he replied, “So, who wants fair hair?”

Why can’t us humans accept the fact that when you die, you’re dead and that’s where the story ends? Why are we so different than any other creature or living thing on this earth? Every ounce and atom that was on this earth at the beginning is still here. The earth’s crust is still as it was at the start. There is more, or less, water here than there was when the world become the world. Man, animals and plants may die but their ingredients remain part of the earth and regenerate other living things (reincarnation?). Man is the most dominate creature on earth because he is the most brutal and ruthless animal around. He is the only animal that overbreeds and kills for the fun of it. Humans kill for the craziest of the reasons. Some kill for money, food, drugs, dirty looks, sex, clothes, pride, ignorance and arrogance. You name it. We kill for it. At least the most simple of animals kill primarily for one reason – to endure.

Profound words of the week: A day without sunshine is like night.