Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

In Memoriam


Last week Worcester County lost our patriarch of dentistry, Dr. Armand Hall. He passed away after practicing dentistry for almost 50 years in our community and left behind a legacy few doctors will ever obtain.

I will always be inspired by his keen passion for our profession and his constant pursuit of advanced dental learning. Dr. Hall was the first dentist in the area to be awarded a Master by the Academy of General Dentistry, the highest honor in dentistry.  He taught and mentored several area dentists that are now well established in their own practices.

He will be missed by the countless lives he touched that span four generations and remembered by family, friends, patients, and colleagues for his dedication to excellence in dentistry and his compassion and kindness toward his patients.

William Allen, DDS MAGD

Ocean City

Public Be Damned


It is with great interest that once again our town officials are ignoring the constant yield tax rate that would maintain the same revenue as last year.

One wonders why there are guidelines when officials constantly ignore them. In these days, when everyone is cutting back due to gasoline prices reaching $4 per gallon and soon $5 and the subsequent increases in food, clothing, electric and other products, our illustrious town officials are telling us that they could care less. Cutting back is not an option. “The public be damned mentality” is really an eye opener.

When the rest of us are struggling as to where we can cut back to make ends meet, they are expanding. They seem to think that everyone who owns property has deep pockets and they are bent on picking them clean. It is amazing that over the past couple of years the taxes in Ocean City have significantly increased. Our town officials will say it is due to the cost of rebuilding the infrastructure of the town, whatever that means.

This time it is another proposed increase in the neighborhood of 11.3 percent. With over 1,700 units for sale and energy prices soaring, you might think that these officials would take a realistic view and lower taxes or at the very least, hold them at bay.  I guess that as a property owner who does not reside in Ocean City, who cannot vote and who has in reality no standing, it is easy for the officials of the town to identify myself and others like me and so far, they have been doing an excellent job of picking us clean.

The residents are protected by the Homestead Act and will, as has been the case over the last couple of years, see their taxes rise in these hard times but at a substantially lower percentage. Maybe in an idealistic world the members of the council would take a hard look at the town budget, like most of us are doing now to our own budgets, and make some hard decisions on where to cut to make ends meet. I guess the easier way out is to continue to spend and simply raise taxes.

David Ridgway

West Chester, Pa.

Ocean City, Md.

Farmers Thanked


We want to publicly thank each and every farmer and others interested for taking time out of their busy lives to offer thoughtful and constructive comments about the draft animal feeding operation permit. Hundreds of farmers turned out at three public meetings and four briefings to agricultural leadership groups. We are grateful for their expertise as we move forward with the process. We listened and made changes to reflect those comments, making the permit as manageable and inexpensive as possible for poultry and livestock farmers while further safeguarding water quality.

The revised version of the draft permit was published on Friday, May 23. The Maryland Department of the Environment is now accepting formal comments, either in writing or through public hearings, if requested. The revised proposed permit is available online at www.mde.state.md.us or by calling 410-537-3599.

As we continue to accelerate our Bay restoration efforts, everyone is being asked to do more in regard to the Bay and no one is being singled out – storm water management, erosion control, critical areas, growth management, waste water treatment plants, septic systems, air emissions, and agriculture.

Again, thank you for participating in the public meetings and helping to make this a better process.

Shari T. Wilson

Roger L. Richardson

(Wilson serves as the state’s Secretary of the Environment, while Richardson is its Secretary of Agriculture.)

Assistance Appreciated


The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program DelMarVa would like to thank so many special people and local organizations for their support and assistance with our last two events. Last month we held our first annual yellow Ribbon Memorial Balloon Release and it would not have been so successful with out the help of Myers Tool Rental, John’s Auto Body, and Chauncey’s. Thanks to Seacrets and Irie Radio 98.1 for helping us with the inaugural "Suicide {prevention} Comedy Tour". ‘Dave, the Fruit Guy’ coordinated three stand up comics; local funny man ‘CROOKID’, Emmy nominated comic writer ‘Debbie Kasper’ and from Last Comic Standing ‘Rich Vos’. Bulldog and the other people at Ocean 98 and Seacrets went "above and beyond’ to help us with this comedy night. The night was very successful and many people who never knew about the need for youth suicide prevention are now aware.

The comedy night would not have been possible with out the help of ABC Printers, Action Island Imprints, Arctic Heating and Air, John’s Auto Body, Sea of Seductions, Stephen Slocum Nationwide, local television and WOLC.

Finally, we would like to thank Bruce and the folks at Harley Davidson Ocean City for all they do to help us raise awareness in the community for suicide prevention.

Kelley Green

A Day To Honor


I, too, can reflect the celebration of Memorial Day, "May 30". It was a date to honor those men who died so that we of today have our freedom as citizens of the good ol’ U.S.A. Yes and today there are woman serving in our armed forces to help preserve our freedom. We should be thankful and continue to give thanks to all who serve during those wars. Just look at what the people in other parts of the world are going through. A democracy like what we have is a good way of living today.

Being a merchant seaman in World War II and the Korean War, it was a duty serve. As it was with the Rosie the Riveter, the builder of ships, the aircraft builders, the clothing industry, the air wardens and many others who didn’t shoulder a gun, it was their duty to show how united we of the United State are.

Seeking peace.

Arthur (Otts) Tralbut

423 Jefferson St.

Salisbury, MD 21804

Home Will Be Missed


The Friendship House Assisted Living Home has closed its doors suddenly.

My 10 years full of enthusiasm and compassion to the residents was a very rewarding experience. I would like to offer my love and blessings to the residents wherever they may be and their amazing families.

Special thanks to Pastor Jack Savage and all at Friendship United Methodist Church for the food, gifts, prayers, hymns, joy and happiness. It meant so much to those with so little. You are all a blessing especially at holiday time.

God Bless.

Lillian “Lou” Luciano