Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

A Pricey Vacation


We have been visiting Ocean City since 1991. We make two nice trips each spring and fall for two or three days.

This last trip may be our last visit. As everyone knows, prices have been going up and up and we have hit our limit. Gas to get to OC didn’t kill us, it was the food. Our motel, granted we stayed on the boardwalk around 17th Street, cost $360 bucks for two nights. A bit high. And our keycard door, what a joke. It was a hollow cored door that had been busted open at least twice, since we could see the hollow wood inside. And it rattled in the wind when the staircase was opened, but it was only a door.

And food. A lunch Sunday for $45 bucks (two appetizers, one salad and two cokes). An ice cream cone for $4 bucks. And a $20 pizza delivered to our room that night.

Monday we had breakfast in the room for $10 with butter and bread to take home. A snack at Grottos Pizza for $21. A funnel cake and pretzel for $8. And an all-you-care to eat for $82 for our final meal. That’s $190 for two people to eat.

Yes, we didn’t go to McDonalds or anything, but this is our vacation and we went to nice, normal places. It’s just food around here is way too high. You all need to worry about the costs of vacationing people or OC will soon be losing many visitors.

Times our tough for OC businesses I’m sure, but if people like us stop coming to town, you will not have a business.

Greg Pacienza        

Greensburg, Pa.

Janine Kuchinka     

Irwin, Pa.

Generous Community


I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Police Unity Tour because of the generosity of many individuals in our community.

The Unity Tour is a three-day bicycle ride from Virginia Beach to Washington D.C., which raises money for the Law Enforcement Memorial and the families of the fallen police officers who were killed in the line-of-duty in 2007. 

I wanted to thank the people that sponsored me and made this ride possible for me, including the OC FOP Lodge 10, Jim Nooney, Whisker’s Pub of OP, Forrest Insulation, Inc., ABC Refrigeration, Inc., Mitch Scott, Three Brothers of OC, David Gaskill, Esq, Bull on the Beach, Carolyn Beatty, John Moses and the many other individuals who supported me during this difficult endeavor. 

Once again, I am amazed by the charitable hearts in our community.  

Kathy McCauley
Ocean City

Just The Facts


How do you get accused of stalking someone you have not seen or talked to in over a year?

I was recently served with a police peace order at work to stay away from Patricia Ilczuk-Lavanceau. A peace order is a temporary order, like a restraining order, a judge can issue until a hearing is held in court to determine the facts of the case. In all the stalking cases I have heard of, the person files a complaint with the police department. They investigate to see if there is a pattern of stalking. They report their finding to the judge and then he decides whether to issue the peace order. None of the above happened.

You would have thought I had a long criminal history of stalking the way they fast tracked this peace order in one day. Someone pulled some strings considering I have no police record. I’m a press photographer and Maryland licensed real estate agent. I know Judge Daniel Mumford, and this woman must have told him one good story about me. He would not waste the court’s time on a weak case of stalking. The story she told Judge Mumford could not have been the story she told Judge Gerald Purnell in court when I was present. As soon as Ilczuk-Lavanceau told Judge Purnell the stalking events, he said “what? You have not seen or talked to Mr. Leukel in over a year. Case dismissed, peace order cancelled.”

I told the judge this woman and I have a running dispute over disc jockey equipment. Ken Barnett and I started a DJ business years ago. I bought the equipment. We stored the equipment at Ken’s garage in Ocean Pines. Ken died two years ago. Ilczuk-Lavanceau took care of Ken’s affairs. I told her I needed to get the DJ equipment out of Ken’s garage. She kept putting me off and then finally sent me a lawyer letter that she was not going to give the equipment back. The judge asked her about the equipment. She said it’s stored in a barn. Judge Purnell told me I should file something with the court to get the equipment back. This was a joke of a case filed to make me spend money on a lawyer. She did a good job of it. The first hearing was postponed a week because she showed up without an attorney. More money spent on a lawyer and now more money to get my DJ equipment back.

I need to set the record straight about my relationship with Ilczuk-Lavanceau. This would not normally be the forum to do this, but my character is being damaged by her. I first met her five years ago when she called Ken and I to ask us to do some free DJ parties for her. We donated several thousand dollars of our services and time to her events. I thought that her and her husband were friends. I saw in the newspaper that her husband died. I went to the funeral to pay respects for Ken and I. I walked in a few minutes late and the service had started. She stands up and says ‘stop call 911 I want him out of here,’ pointing to me. I leave. Then I heard from friends that she is telling people I am stalking her. I say that I have not seen or talked to that lady in over a year.

Two days later, police serve me with a peace order to stay away from her. I have been in Ocean City for over 25 years and donated over 500 hours of my time and helped raise lots of money for charities and served as president of local non-profit groups. This is the thanks I get for helping out her and other non-profits groups.

George Leukel III

Ocean City

Shelter Grateful For Community Support


The Worcester County Humane Society would like to thank everyone who made the “Board Walkin’ for Pets” a great success. We had almost 300 registered walkers and raised nearly $36,000. The money raised from this event is necessary to keep the shelter running. The funds raised from this event help pay for the everyday costs for many homeless cats and dogs that call the shelter home.

There are many people to thank for the event’s great success. Thank you to our event sponsors: ABBA Bail Bonds, Anthony’s Beer Wine & Deli, Applebee’s of West OC, Barefoot Mailman, Captains Galley II, Donald’s Duck Shoppe, Food Lion of West OC, Harbourside Refrigeration, House Pawz, Johnson-McKee Animal Hospital, Ocean City Animal Hospital, Ocean City Taxi, Purple Moose Saloon, Red Sun Custom Apparel, Ryan Haley, Realtor of Compass Resort, Sinepuxent Substance Abuse Services, Inc., World Gym and Harrison’s Harbor Watch Restaurant, which always generously opens its lobby doors and provide coffee and tea. We would also like to thank Debbie Dickerson and Brian K. Hall of Smooth Jazz 97.1 for providing music and emceeing the event; Edy’s ice cream for providing Frosty Paws to our four-legged friends; Pepsi of Salisbury for providing soda and water; and Layton’s Dip ‘n Donuts of 16th Street for providing donuts.

Thank you to all local businesses who donated prizes for our top pledge collectors: This year’s grand prize winner is Dale Pfeiffer, raising over $5,000; first place, Megan Bren; second place, Scott and Cathy Fornwalt; third place, World Gym; fourth place, Lori Martin of House Pawz; fifth place, Sally and David Jones; sixth place, Michael Musk; seventh place, Tanya Donaldson; eight place, Brian LaVorgna and Stephen Decatur Student Government Association; ninth place, Anna Ramsburg; 10th place, Teza Gonzalez; Kid’s Prize, Summer Brenner; Cutest Cat, Lette Weinrich and Whip; and everyone who participated in the walk.

This event wouldn’t be possible without all the volunteers who helped at the Boardwalk and those who stay at the shelter. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. We couldn’t do it without you.

I would also like to remind everyone that summer is here and pets should not be left in the car. On a 78-degree day, a parked car can reach 160 degrees in minutes. Even opening windows in the shade won’t prevent a dog from overheating. So, when the mercury rises, it is safest to leave your pets at home.

Please visit us on Eagle’s Nest Road and consider opening your heart and home to a homeless pet. The shelter has many cute little kittens waiting for a new home. If interested in volunteering, please stop by the shelter and speak with a volunteer. Our furry friends are always in need of newspapers, blankets, Purina products, toys and treats. The shelter is open Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Thank you and we hope to see everyone at next year’s event.

Kristy Haley

(The writer is the event organizer.)