My Thoughts

There’s a lot of fuss these days about the economy and it’s driving the old guy crazy. The best way to cure all the ails of the economy is a straight 10-percent federal sales tax on everything, no exception. That’s the simplest and fairest way for the U.S. government to collect taxes. Think about it. The people who spend the most money (rich) would pay the most taxes. The people who spend the least money (poor) would pay the least taxes. Add to that the money that would be saved by dumping that bloated bureaucracy known as the Internal Revenue Service and you are talking about big bucks, collected the fair way. The idea has been kicked around for some time and is always stonewalled by vested interest who simply dismiss it without any facts to back it up by saying “it would never work!” Can you imagine never having to attempt to fill out another tax form or face another IRS agent or having your salary attached for an unknown or overlooked tax? The idea is just too easy and when it comes to government the easy way means a lot of bureaucrats would have to look for real jobs and companies like Exxon would be taxed like the rest of us. Neither will ever happen.

As much as the world encourages it, Insider does not do salads. He just does not like or care for them, and it doesn’t matter what kind of dressing is used or what kind of meat is put atop it. It doesn’t matter if it’s steak, hamburger, chicken, ham, tuna, salmon or pork. Salads just don’t work for the old guy and that puts him seemingly in the minority in this country. The next time you are in your grocery store look around and see how much space is set aside for salads and all the varieties available these days. Insider just breezes right on by the salad displays, looking instead for the fresh vegetables. Corn on the cob is his favorite, followed by asparagus and then broccoli. Speaking of corn, against his better judgment, Insider bought his first dozen ears from the local market the other day. It’s not their time yet.

A young friend of Insider’s just turned 18 and had to register for the Selective Service at the post office. He said he had to by law. He had no choice. What the old guy wants to know is do 18-year-old females also have to register? It would seem to be the fair and equal thing to do. Right, girls? And how about 18-year-old Muslims? Their religion forbids them from taking part in any Christian wars. Do they register? Insider wants to know.