Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Leaders Failed with Slots


As I watched the news with the governor running all around the state telling everyone how important passing the slots legislation is, I can’t help but think how shameless our state demorcratic leadership is.

During the last four years Mike Busch, Mike Miller and even then Mayor O’Malley worked hard against slots, telling any and all how they would ruin the state, ruin the people of the state.

By not working with the past Governor to get slots passed this group is responsible for the horrible state we are in financially. If the slots had been passed four years ago there is a very very great chance we would not have had the over $1 billion deficit. This would have eliminated the special session and also the additional taxes that were heaped upon the people of Maryland.

 Why were they so against slots before? It’s pure and simple pure partisan politics. They all knew if the slots were passed and the state financial picture looked great, the possibility of replacing the Republican governor were slim. So instead of what doing what was best for the state and the people of the state they went for what was best for the own political future.

All three should be ASHAMED. What you have done to this state will take a long time to repair and as we try all the people of the state suffer. All I can hope is that the people of the state have long memories and that all three are voted out and never ever win another election, but since this is a overwhelmingly democratic state this won’t happen. Such the shame.

Len Bender

Ocean City

Thankful for Community Support


The last couple weeks I have witnessed two extraordinary events that demonstrate the kind of community that we are fortunate enough to live in.

On April 11, the Believe in Tomorrow’s House by the Sea held its 7th Annual Gala by the Sea fundraiser. Even with a struggling economy, people showed their support for our program. Due to everyone’s generosity, we were able to raise a substantial amount of money to benefit some very special children.

The second act of kindness was showed to a terminally ill, 4 ½-year-old who wanted to go to Disney World one more time. The “angels” at Hooper’s Crab House opened their doors and everybody walked in to raise more than $10,000 to benefit this wonderful family.

I usually do not write into the newspapers because everything is so negative and disturbing. This is one occasion that I feel it is important to share my thoughts. I would like to say thank you to a great and generous community. It makes me proud to say that I live and work in such a community.

Wayne Littleton

Ocean Pines

Seeks Boat Trailer Parking


In these tough times when the economy is tanking and gas prices are predicted to go to $4 a gallon, the Town of Ocean City should open up the park and ride lot to boat trailers and the like. Currently I have to pay $100 to park our boat trailer and wave runner trailer in the 100th street lot for our week’s vacation. I used to park for free at the park and ride lot, until people started to abuse this right, by parking campers etc., for month’s on end.

Instead of the city coming up with a solution, then totally banned trailer parking in the lot, which by the way except for SpringFest and SunFest the parking lot is usually empty. How about cutting us loyal O. C. vacationers a break? You could have a sticker with a two-week expiration date on it available at the town hall, that way you could keep an eye on how long the trailer was parked there. Could a member of town council please comment on this at the next meeting. After all, your goal is to try to hold onto vacationers given the tough economic times we are facing.    Thank You.   

Robert Lemon    

Collegeville  Pa,

Liberals Bashed


Liberals support: gun control, criminal’s rights, environmental extremism, exploitation of minorities, oppressive taxes, hypocrisy, adultery, spin, race baiting, class warfare, school condoms but no prayer or religious references, radical feminism, family division, historical revisionism, bearing false witness, oppressive legislation for businesses, redistribution of wealth, multi- languages, open borders, weak military, blaming America first, children suing parents, equality of outcome not opportunity, throwing money at all problems, party loyalty over country, symbolism over substance, intolerance for those not agreeing, the U.N., evil dictators, a socialist form of government.

Liberals oppose: Israel, strong child discipline, American History, uplifting America, tort reform, homeland security, nuclear energy and oil drilling.

They oppose choice in: social security, gun ownership, medical insurance, schools and property rights but support a mother’s right to choose to kill her own baby. Liberals believe the mere act of being principled is unorthodox. They have perverted the court system, constitution, morality, American traditions and institutions. Liberals oppose the war in Iraq and want to secure defeat so Bush will be deprived a legacy. They can never win a debate in the arena of ideas and facts. For them to exist, the public must be kept politically ignorant.

Dennis W. Evans


Call for Humane Treatment of Thoroughbreds


Eight Belles is gone, Barbaro is buried, and countless other lesser-known horses will inevitably join them.

Horses are dropping dead at racetracks all over the country. They just don’t always make the news. We can only wait and hope no horse will pay with their life in Saturday’s Preakness.

Thoroughbreds are accidents waiting to happen. Their legs are too long and fragile, they’re forced to run while still young and growing, and injuries are often masked with drugs. Horses are viciously whipped. Eight Belles was no exception. If you’re like most people who only pay attention to horse racing on the three Saturdays of the Triple Crown, watch and see for yourself.

Even if they don’t garner headlines, horses routinely break down at regional racetracks and county fairs. And when their tendons snap or bones shatter, they aren’t given high-tech, expensive treatment. Their battered bodies earn one last dollar by being sold to pet food rendering plants or to European butcher shops.

A laborious life, an ignominious end. People who care about horses should refuse to support a “sport” in which animals routinely pay with their lives.


Jennifer O’Connor

Animals in Entertainment Campaign Writer

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Springfest Parking Woes


On Friday May 2nd, Pat, my wife and I visited Ocean City’s Springfest. Since 1987 we have attended Sunfest annually. We arrived at 12:00 p.m, had lunch at Mackey’s, and parked at the municipal parking lot in downtown OC.

Having some trouble understanding how to get a ticket for three hours from the machine, we purchased three consecutive one-hour tickets and displayed them on the dash of our car at approximately 1:00 p.m. Fortunately, for us, one of the vendors was out of a craft that would not be replaced until 4 p.m. We returned to the car about 2:35 p.m. to leave the items purchased, visit Ocean Gallery, secure a motel room, then return to Springfest at 4 p.m. Dinner would be at Ristorante Antipasti, followed by shopping at the West Marlin Mall.

Our plans unraveled when we arrived at our car to find a parking ticket on the windshield. We immediately located the ticketing officer to plead our case. I explained that we had purchased three tickets because we did not understand the instructions on the machine, his reply, “What is the expiration time on the tickets?”

I agreed that the last ticket expired at about 2:15 p.m., with other two expiring just minutes before. I asked him why he did not allow three hours parking when he saw three parking stubs on my dash. His reply, “I have seen six parking stubs on some dashes.”

I then stated that we had purchased parking for three hours, and he wrote a parking violation after only one-and-a-half hours had expired. His reply, “There is nothing I can do after the ticket is written.” I asked him where I could appeal this citation and he directed me to City Hall. He did agree not to write any more citations if our car was gone by 4 p.m.

With evidence in hand we walked to City Hall only to learn that we had to go to the police station on 65th Street for an appeal. We walked back to the car and drove to the station. We presented the evidence, pleaded our case, and did not have to pay the fine. It would only have been $15 but it was a fine that we did not deserve. I suggested that the police officer issuing the ticket should be trained at least, properly direct visitors for issues they might encounter. The lady that was helping us replied, “He knows better that that.”

As a businessman and past president of St. Mary’s County Chamber of Commerce, I can appreciate how difficult it is to be successful and promote one’s business. The police officer we encountered can destroy in minutes the image Ocean City and its businesses attempt to project year after year.

The lady at the police station was very courteous and understanding. She wished us well and hoped that we would enjoy the rest of our vacation. However our day was ruined. We did not return to Springfest, or eat dinner at Antipasti. We left 65th St. and returned home.

We both have a long running love affair with Ocean City that won’t be destroyed by a certain police officer’s unwarranted actions. My friends, we will see you soon.

Charles Hayden

Hollywood, MD

Campaigning on Taxpayers’ Dime


After a half hour telephone questioning survey the other evening I decided to put in writing how I feel with November 2nd election approaching. What did the interviewer gain? I came away bewildered.

It did get me to thinking after the person is elected the they face a Congress of 535, Senators of 100 and millions of citizens of the good ole U.S.A. waiting for them to fulfill the promises they spoke on during there campaigning such as; health care, educating our youth, the war going on in Iraq, foreclosures, care of us seniors, gasoline prices and many more issues that face us today. Profits keep mounting, prices keep going up and the little guys keeps struggling to make ends meet and take a vacation this summer.

Taxes, oh yes! Can’t forget them. The government’s always looking for more. Their expenses keep going up. Gasoline, salaries, and other so called “necessary” items go up. Isn’t there a way for them to cut back?

Now for my pet peeve. We now have three senators campaigning for the presidency of the USA running all over the country. Their salaries and expenses of maintaining the offices in Washington being paid by taxpayers money getting millions of dollars through donations to do their thing to get elected. Shucks, when I was running for financial secretary in the union I was a member of, I worked 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week or I didn’t have a job. I campaigned (and won) on my own time.

Well this has been going on for years and so have I, 84 yrs. Looking for a few more years and thankful that I am a natural citizen of the good ole USA and can express my opinions. All of the citizens in the USA have the same right. So, let’s get out and vote November 2, 2008 and show the politicians we are here. Show, we the people, it just wasn’t talk.

Arthur (Otts) Trabert

Salisbury, Md.

American Flag Stirs Memories for Navy Vet


Most of us are used to seeing the American Flag flying in just about every conceivable place and we enjoy it. However, some flags bring back special memories and here are several of mine:

First and foremost, there was the flag I only saw from a distance. It was February 23, 1945. I was in the pilot house of a minesweeper, the USS Signet-AM 302. It was exactly 10:34. The Captain yelled down the voice tube, “Quartermaster, note the time and make an entry in the logbook- observed our Flag flying on Surabachi, Iwo Jima.

The second took place in Baltimore at Fort McHenry. We were visiting the site of the War of 1812 where the British fleet tried to attack Baltimore but were stopped at Fort McHenry. A movie was shown in a small, dark auditorium depicting how Francis Scott Key was being held aboard a British warship and wrote the Star Spangled Banner from there.

At the end of the movie, the curtains were quickly opened exposing a large picture window. Outside the window was a replica of the original flag- a huge flag 30-feet by 45-feet long. It contained 15 stripes two-feet wide, eight red stripes two-feet wide and seven white stripes two-feet wide. It was so big, it could only be flown when the wind was just right. If the wind was too strong, it would cause the flagpole to break. A ripple of the flag would start at the pole and roll gently to the end, taking many seconds to complete. This is what Francis Scott Key saw that morning. It was all unforgettable.

The third most important flag is the flag that flied from the pole in my front yard on every day of the year that the weather permits. As an honorable mention, every Fourth of July as the Boston Pops Orchestra plays “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” our flag is released from the overhead in a manner that sends chills through everyone.

George Oliver, Quartermaster l/c

Ocean City Maryland

BRAC Act Leads to Smart Growth


This week marks the signing of the BRAC Community Enhancement Act, a significant step in preparing for growth associated with the November 2005 Base Realignment and Closure decisions.  

Much like the Enterprise Zone program that has been so successful for Maryland, this legislation encourages development in areas of the state that can best handle growth. The Act establishes BRAC Zones throughout Maryland, thus supporting the efforts of local governments to provide the infrastructure necessary to accommodate the businesses and households that will be coming to Maryland.

This innovative approach to managing growth and leveraging resources could not have happened without the dedicated efforts of Maryland’s state and local governments, military alliances and the Maryland General Assembly. Governor Martin O’Malley, Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown and their partners in this endeavor can take pride in coming together to accomplish the crafting and passage of this legislation. Under their leadership, the BRAC Community Enhancement Act will help to ensure that all regions of the State – One Maryland – benefit from BRAC.

B. Gen. Mike Hayes
Director, Md. Office of Military and Federal Affairs