My Thoughts

The old guy has noticed for some time the neighborhood birds have been using his attic vents for nests. It’s okay by him, but Insider has had enough with the mess they cause in his attic as well as the massive droppings they leave along side the house every year. The old guy has watched this go on for at least the last few years, but a few months ago he decided he would beat them to their favorite spot and put an end to it. Insider ventured to E.S. Adkins and bought some screen to close off the vent. It seems these birds know how to push open the slide to allow them access to the insulation. The plan was to put a piece of screening inside the slide so they could not get access to the insulation, which was basically carved out and made into a big nest. Don’t be fooled by their small brains. Those little rascals are smart.

By the time Insider moved all the old toys and junk out of the way and got to the vent in question, it was lunchtime. After a grilled bacon and cheese sandwich (don’t toast the bread), the old guy went back up to the attic and began ruining years of the birds’ work. Insider found his insulation all ripped out and replaced with sticks, hay, leaves, feathers, egg shells, cigarette butts, pennies and bird feed. All mashed together to make a nice and secure nest. It was a sad feeling to remove all their hard work, but Insider rests well because he knows there’s seven dense trees in the backyard and even more birdhouses that could serve the same nesting purpose. Of course, the birds loved this spot because it was secluded and away from potential predators. That’s why a couple weeks ago a little Cardinal continuously circulated her favorite spot to no avail. After a few minutes, the presumed pregnant bird flew off in search of another vent in the neighborhood. Insider hopes she was successful in finding one.

Insider woke up the other day and the garden was alive with color. That’s how it happens every year. One day there’s nothing, but then a couple days of rain followed by sunshine and it’s magic. There’s red, blue, purple, yellow – all the colors of spring are on full display. The old guy relishes these days because they won’t last for long. Before we know it, the hot, hazy and humid days of summer will be here and everything will turn to brown, leaving the old guy with only his memories.