Fire/EMS Division To Utilize Internet Training System

OCEAN CITY – The town’s fire/EMS division is aiming to save money while providing continuing education through the sole-source purchase of an Internet-based training system.

Captain Chuck Barton presented the Mayor and City Council with the request at Tuesday’s work session, explaining the economic and practical needs that will be met through the purchase.

The total amount for the sole-source purchase of the Internet-based education service for the town’s fire/EMS personnel is $10,670, however, the Ocean City Paramedics Foundation will cover the entirety of the cost.

“No taxpayer money will be used to pay for this system,” assured Barton. “This will allow us to provide continued education to our personnel.”

The Internet-based training aims to provide continued education for personnel, saving on time and money in a variety of ways.

“In addition to delivering educational content, the system provides means of verifying course completion and documenting compliance with required training,” explained Barton. In addition to providing approved content from outside sources, the system will allow us to publish and distribute our own educational content.”

Barton added that through the online training, significant costs would be saved through the decrease in personnel time that is required of in-person or classroom training. Barton pointed out that for the Hazmat refresher course alone, the Internet-based training system would save the department $5000.

The Internet-based training will also provide flexibility for personnel, said Barton giving them more options for completing required continuing education.

In a recent, all-day medley of presentations from area fire department heads, internet-based training was highlighted by all of the speakers. Each speaker agreed that Internet-based training helps their departments in saving on time and funding.

The council voted unanimously to approve the sole source purchase of the Internet-based training system.