My Thoughts

My Thoughts

Contrary to most folks, the old guy likes it when it rains all day. That’s because Insider gets a free pass to do exactly what he wants – nothing. That’s why on Monday, his deadline for this column, Insider just sat and watched the rain and listened to the radio. There was to be no writing on that day. That’s why he put a little “I’m sorry” note on the column when he dropped it off in the mailbox outside The Dispatch office on Tuesday.

On Monday, in the midst of nothing, when he got tired of the radio, he pulled out his favorite book of all time, the bible, and got some spirit. Insider is not a religious guy. He’s not going to be found in church every Sunday, but he will poke his head in a service every now and again to see what the church and its followers are up to. The old guy is a believer and does have faith, but he’s not a fanatic about it. Although he prays every day, it may not be of the bended knee variety. It may be in the shower one day, over a cup of coffee on another, first thing in the morning while lying in bed or just before dinner. There’s many different manners in which to pray, but the old guy learned from his Catholic parents a way that has stuck with him throughout his life. His prayer always starts with, “Lord, forgive me for I have sinned, …” That way Insider figures he covers his bases because he knows he’s not perfect and often sins without even knowing.

Religion means something different to everyone and perhaps there’s no better explanation behind that than all the wars that have taken place in the history of mankind. In nearly all cases, wars are a result of fanatical beliefs about religion. It’s these extremists that demand others adopt their views or else. Some in churches in America feel the same way, but they are not ready to actually blow people up to get their point across. Thank God for that.

You’re an old-timer if: you don’t care how your hair looks; you like all-day rain affairs; you don’t laugh, you just smile; reading is fun; a good sunrise beats a good sunset any day of the week; you remember when Ocean City did not go past 15th Street; you remember where you were when man landed on the moon; thinking about judgment day gives you peace; you have lived through multiple roof replacements on your house; the nursing home is your idea of hell; and you like murder mysteries on Maryland Public Television.