Ocean City Elementary School

Ocean City Elementary School held its annual Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Contest.  One winner was chosen from each homeroom and then a grade level winner was chosen.  The class winners for first grade were Skylar Moore, Lily Figgs, Grace Beres, Reed Welton, Michelle Hernandez;  second grade,  Emily Hurley, Dina Sbih, Niamh Lundberg, Amanda Melvin, Maggie Bunting;  third grade,  Precious Arevalo, Danya Sbih, Sommer Denton, Nathan Braude, Lexie VanKirk, Claire Porter;  fourth grade,  Lily Watsky, Alexis Gausepohl, Marina Wheeler, Paige Kreppel, YiNa Dong, Hannah Saulsbury.  Above, from left, are grade level winners Welton, Lundberg, VanKirk and Watsky.