Eagle’s Landing Shows Positive Numbers

OCEAN CITY –A report on Eagle’s Landing Golf Course revealed some positive numbers this week, and although a rate increase is in store for 2009, officials are anticipating a strong year for golf.

Golf Pro Bob Croll joined the Recreation and Parks Committee this week to gain approval for a rate increase for 2009 and to update the committee on the golf course and its facilities.

“What we’re proposing is really a small increase,” Croll said, explaining that the increase was mainly to keep in tune with other golf course as well as rising expenses. Weekend rates will see a $3 increase in 2009 and weekday and twilight rates will see a $1 increase. “We’re very cautious with our rates, we still want to keep that value,” Croll said, noting that they are still one of the leading value courses in the area. “We still hold the value rating and we still remain very popular.”

Besides a rate increase, Croll anticipates an increase in the number of rounds played next year. The number of rounds has been steadily increasing over the past few years, reflecting the expanding success of the golf course. The reported number of rounds for 2007 was 34,806, up from 33,398 in 2006 and 32,290 in 2005.

“We’ve seen an increase each year in rounds and we anticipate that to continue,” Croll said.

Croll also reported favorable numbers at the pro shop, snack bar, and Caddy Shack Café. The Talon Club, which offers a frequent golfers deal, also saw an increase last year. “We did a lot more off-season rounds last year,” Croll said of the Talon Club. The Talon Club provides a variety of savings, including five months of unlimited golf in the off-season, from November to March, and discounts on in-season rounds. “It’s wonderful in the sense that most of the Talon Club members are locals,” reported Croll, noting that most of the memberships come through word-of-mouth.

Although the Talon Club keeps a strong core of year-round golfers at the course, Croll noted that many of the members do not spend a lot of money in the club or restaurant. “We do have our core group of Talon Club guys and girls though that spend money in our restaurant and they do play all year long.”

Council member Jim Hall asked about the restaurant, the Caddy Shack Café, suggesting some more advertising be done in an effort to draw in non-golfers as well. “There’s a lot of people that go down that road,” he said.

“I think the restaurant does well, we have people that will stop on the way to other golf courses to eat there,” said Croll.