Friday, March 7 – Baltimore County Students Write About The Beach

BERLIN – When second graders at Berkshire Elementary School in Baltimore County were given a task to write descriptions of their favorite places, four chose to highlight their experiences in Ocean City, according to teacher Michelle Lescallett. Here’s what they wrote:

The Beach

By Carleigh Wisner

If you want to have an awesome vacation, go to the hot sunny beach. The huge waves are incredible to jump in. I hunt for colorful seashells to collect. Huge dolphins look like the clouds in the dark blue sky. Sometimes you can see crabs in the sand. The crab’s backs feel as bumpy as an alligator’s scales. When the boats come by, the waves come in and they feel as cold as the snow in winter. A lot of times I build sandcastles. It feels squishy between my fingers. If you ever taste the crunchy salt water, it will be as crunchy as a pizza crust. When you walk in the sand it almost feels like a pile of goo. Hot sunny days are for relaxing at the beach.

The Sunny Beach

By Rebecca Heinerichs

If you want to spend time with your family, go to the beach. You can get a great smooshy smoothie to cool you down on a hot day. Oreo cookies are perfect for you and the seagulls. I love to listen to the waves crashing. They sound like rain beating on the rocks. The water smells like salt and it tastes like “blah”. The seagulls go “squawk” which scares me because it is as loud as a dog’s bark. The bright sunlight shines in my eyes and the cold wind blows in my hair. Squishy sand goes in my toes. I don’t like that feeling! My sunblock smells like flowers and the fresh air floats through the sky. When I go in the ocean, the freezing waves are as cold as the snow I play in during the winter. I wish I could live here.

The Cool Beach

By Daniel Pierce

Brr! The water is freezing like an ice cube. The water is colder than a pool. In Ocean City, the sunshine feels like the warm sand. The sun will warm your cold body like a blanket. The waves are bumpy like rocks. They are as strong as an ogre and will push you down. While laying on a blanket, I love to eat chips that taste like salt and vinegar. They are so sour my face crinkles and my tongue is numb. After the beach, you should check out the squeaky Boardwalk. The hermit crab store sells many hermit crabs and colorful shiny shells. The arcade has air hockey and racecar games. You can win many cool prizes. There are many rides on the boardwalk like water slides. I wish I could spend my nights on the soft sand.

The Best Boardwalk Ever

By Emily Starkey

If you want to spend time with your family go to the Ocean City boardwalk! If you are hungry you can get some sizzling hot French fries. They also sell ice cream and slushies. The slushies are as sour as lemons. Do you know what is even better than a slushy? You can go on free rides! The rides are so loud you will get a headache. The Round Up is so fast you feel like you will fall. There is also a golf course. It is so big you’ll be there for four hours!

When we leave the boardwalk we go watch the waves crash onto the shore. The smell of the saltwater gives me chills. “Huuuh!” I would love to spend all of my time here.