My Thoughts

Insider can’t give to charities. He doesn’t have enough money. By the time the governments (that’s plural) finish taking his money, there’s little excess left. If the governments (that’s plural) would back off (fat chance), he would happily donate what he could to causes he honestly believes in. The first on his list would be Coastal Hospice. It’s the one charity that is truly there when it is needed. Its cause is hopeless for the end is predictable. The death sentence has been pronounced and Coastal Hospice is there to share with you the last few months or weeks. Insider would never give to those charities where the people running it make hundreds of thousands of dollars that should be used to help people. You know about all those. They are the ones on TV asking for money all the time. The Humane Society would be near the top of the list because dogs and cats are people too. Also, the Salvation Army because they are always there when needed. They provide something for young people and families who may not have any other options. There are other worthy causes (many unworthy), but they just don’t make the old guy’s list.

The key to living a long, healthy, peaceful life to the Insider is avoiding court and hospital appearances at all cost. The stress involved with these shaves years off.

The old guy dropped his health insurance 10 years before he was eligible for the federal government’s version and nothing happened. He really didn’t end his insurance payments, he simply stopped sending them to the insurance company and put the $900 every three months in the bank-marked medical account. When the government took over his health career, his bank balance totaled $22,000. Before, he had one of those $3,000 deductible policies, which meant that he would pay the first $3,000 of every hospital stay. Insider recalls it being referred to as “catastrophe insurance.” His first hospital visit totaled $2,800, which he had to pay out of pocket, after mailing his regular insurance payment. His second stay totaled $3,103, of which the insurance guy dutifully paid $103, and he had to dig deep for the balance. Insider figures he saved himself a lot of money by playing the insurance gamble. He figured he would roll the dice and see if he got lucky. It seems Insider did because he made it on to the federal government’s policy without any catastrophes. As luck would have it, two months after being put on the fed’s dime, he had an Angina attack and was in the hospital for two weeks. The old guy is sure that came to much more than $3,000.