Council Caps Non-Profit List For Caroline Street Location

OCEAN CITY – The City Council voted to cap the list of organizations on the rotation for the Caroline Street Pad this week, following en suite with their decision earlier this month to cap the list of organizations available for the beer truck rotation during Sunfest and Springfest.

“When the Mayor and City Council discussed the proposed additions to the Springfest and Sunfest Beer Trucks, we did not discuss the Caroline Street Pad. I have an organization that wishes to be added to the Caroline Street Pad,” said Assistant to the City Manager Kathy Mathias.

Each year the Mayor and Council allocates three, 12-foot by 20-foot spaces on the Boardwalk and Caroline Street Pad for all interested, non-profit organizations. Eligible organizations must be located in the 7th election district and be based in Ocean City from Springfest weekend through Sunfest weekend.

The Mayor and Council performed a lottery in May 1999 to determine the positions of the organizations on the list that would be rotated. Rotation through the list was to proceed from there with three organizations allocated per year. The organizations are not allowed to have direct sales of merchandise, but are allowed to solicit donations, membership and conduct raffles.

“There are currently 14 organizations on the list,” said Mathias, noting that the city recently received an application from an interested organization.

Mathias questioned whether the council wished to proceed as it had with the beer truck rotation and cap the number of organizations allowed on the list.

“I think that in fairness, we should do the same at the Caroline Street Pad,” said Councilwoman Nancy Howard.

Mayor Rick Meehan suggested that interested organizations be included in a list of alternates, to be added to the list, at the bottom of the rotation, in the event that an organization decides not to utilize the Caroline Street Pad anymore.

“It’s very much in demand,” said Mathias of the Caroline Street Pad.

Meehan noted that with pending legislation that could allow fraternal organizations to utilize slot machines, use of the Caroline Street Pad might no longer be a priority for some organizations.

The council voted unanimously to cap the list at 14.