Jolly Roger Wants What Trimper’s Gets

OCEAN CITY – Jolly Roger Amusement Park wants to be included in legislation that would provide tax breaks for Trimper’s Rides, a request that was met with the full support of the Mayor and Council this week.

The County Commissioners voted unanimously last week to support the state’s enabling legislation that would give the county and the town the power to provide tax relief to Trimper’s Rides in the form of tax credits.

Trimper’s came before both the County Commissioners and the Mayor and Council last year in an effort to find relief from soaring property tax rates, which were threatening to put them out of business.  Jolly Roger’s Buddy Jenkins also came forward in hopes of receiving relief. Jenkins pointed out that Trimper’s is not the only amusement park suffering in Ocean City.

“We have more taxes, as an industry, than any other business in town,” Jenkins said to the Mayor and Council last month, pointing out the importance of the amusement park industry to Ocean City.

Although Jenkins received full support from the Mayor and Council, Jolly Roger was absent from the legislation that garnered support from the commissioners last week.

In an effort to be included in the recent legislation, Jenkins requested a letter of support from the Mayor and Council this week to be sent to the commissioners. Jenkins will be presenting his request to the commissioners at next week’s meeting.

Jenkins was met with full support from the Mayor and Council.

“To me, Jolly Roger and Trimper’s Rides are an amusement for our town, I see them as equal. We need both of these parks. If one gets it, the other one should get it,” said Councilwoman Margaret Pillas.

The council voted unanimously to send a letter of support to the commissioners.

Jenkins expressed his desire to expand with the addition of an indoor water park last month, explaining to the Mayor and Council that it would not be feasible without the assistance of tax relief.

In a Tourism Commission meeting last week, Ocean City Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association Executive Director Susan Jones reported Jenkins’ plans to develop his first indoor water ride, a simulated wave ride that has gained popularity across the country in amusement parks as well as on cruise ships. Jones noted pending legislative bills could hinder the plans, but remained hopeful the tourist attraction could expand year-round tourism in Ocean City.

“If everything goes right, that could be the first indoor ride at Jolly Roger’s” Pillas reported later. “Its not a done deal but the idea is on the table.”