Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Real Probe Needed


Do you still believe the Bush administration’s 9-11 conspiracy theory?

It is truly amazing that some Americans still look at the most horrendous attack on our country with stubborn, closed minds and refuse to use the common sense God gave them. They believe everything and anything the government tells them and believe the 9-11 “cover-up” Commission actually did a real and complete investigation.

Consider the following, one of the thousands of still unanswered issues, if you come across one of the stubborn closed-minded people who still believe the Bush 9-11 conspiracy theory.

Engineers over-designed the towers to stand even after a direct hit by a large jetliner. One of the designers even stated that he believed the towers could withstand multiple hits by jetliners. The Twin Towers had oxygen starved relatively “cool” fires confined to a few floors. Most floors were undamaged and at full design strength and each of those undamaged floors were designed to support all the floors above.

Basic Newtonian physics equations prove a bowling ball dropped from the top of either WTC tower would hit the ground in 9.22 seconds. However, that “free-fall” time is only possible if the ball accelerates to maximum possible velocity through a complete vacuum with nothing below it.

On 9-11, both towers collapsed straight down at “free-fall” velocity through the path of greatest resistance taking 10 seconds for WTC2 and eight seconds for WTC1. How is it possible that both towers collapsed at “free-fall” times and velocities? To put that into perspective, the towers fell at a rate that is equivalent to a 10-story steel framed building collapsing to a pile of dust in just one second. Can you imagine a massive 10-story steel framed building in front of you then, within a blink of your eyes, one second later it is a pile of dust on the ground? Such “free-fall” velocities can only be achieved when objects fall in a vacuum with zero resistance.

In other words, gravitational “free fall” times and velocities can only be achieved when there is absolutely nothing below the falling object that offers any resistance. Yet on 9-11, WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC 7 all fell straight down directly through the path of greatest possible structural resistance. All three buildings fell at “free-fall” times and velocities as if the massive structural steel frames and concrete did not exist.

To believe the Bush administration’s conspiracy theory, you would have to believe that fires confined to a few floors somehow caused global structural failure in both towers so that the 47 massive steel core columns and the 240 steel perimeter columns on each of the undamaged floors simultaneously and uniformly failed and offered zero resistance and zero structural strength.

That would mean on 9-11 common sense and the laws of physics did not exist.

Next, Bush’s 9-11 conspiracy theory will ask you to believe a UFO landed behind the grassy knoll and aliens shot JFK.

There are many questions, a real investigation, not another cover-up, is needed.

George Benton

Ocean City

Thanks from the Noel Community


The Noel Community extends a thank you to those who graciously contributed to our annual Christmas dinner.

The Noel Community celebrated our 10-year anniversary with overwhelming participation from places of worship, individuals, businesses, and civic groups. We are especially grateful to Father David Dingwall and St. Paul’s by-the Sea; to the many businesses and civic groups for supplying food, making generous monetary donations, and sponsoring toy and food drives; to the local media for publicizing our event; to all the individuals and churches for donating toys, food, desserts, toiletries and monetary gifts; and to everyone for volunteering their time.

The Noel Community served 1,500 free meals this year, including carry-outs and deliveries to individuals who otherwise would be lonely or hungry. We provided toys, toiletries, socks, hats, and clothing to those in need. We prepared hot meals for police officers, fire personnel, and other public servants working on Christmas day.

The Noel Community appreciates the generous support from Ocean City, Ocean Pines, Berlin, and surrounding neighborhoods allowing us to make the Christmas celebration special for many in our community.

We will continue to expand our community outreach beyond Christmas Day serving free lunches at a local food pantry with the leftover supplies and funds. Thank you again.

The NOEL Committee

County Penalties Must Fit The Crimes


The Grandview farms development had all the undergrowth, many trees of all sizes and all the remaining trees were limbed up to 10 feet from the ground for around a half mile along Paw-paw Creek. This was done in the critical area buffer zone that is required to remain untouched, as anyone owning land containing these areas know.

The county penalty response is merely to replace trees at a 3-to-1 ratio. The damage is already done and that will not restore this area to its natural state, and the cost of remediation is just swept up as a minor item in the whole landscaping budget. The developer reported to the papers that he was not aware of these violations. Thousands of man-hours of work not authorized? Who checks the work orders and billing?

The developer now has land in a beautiful location, cleared wonderfully for people that can afford a $350,000 lot. Job well done.

I believe it is up to the County Commissioners to institute real penalties for those who ignore consciously or by neglect the current statutes, instead of the current wrist-slap. This is not an isolated case on Delmarva or the last. W

ith the increasing number of people, we have to protect the waterways that attract them here. A 100-foot buffer is not much to ask, in fact is too small for the MacMansion developments with golf-course lawns.

Hans Van Den Bosch

Laura D. Stidham

Snow Hill