Ocean City Elementary

Ocean City Elementary School honored the December Students of the Month with a luncheon on Thursday, Dec. 20. Students are chosen by their homeroom teacher because they make excellent choices by following school rules and being good citizens. Pictured, first row, are first graders Grace Beres, Collin Eitel, Miranda Hearne, Jillian Massey and Eve Watsky; second row, second graders Hattie Brous, Ismael Navarrete, Andrew Burke, Matthew Ford and Patrick Mumford; third row, third graders Carl Echols, Andrew Hoffman, Victoria Holtzman, Emma Leo, Megan McConnell and Kyle Tanner; and fourth row, fourth graders Emily Case, Caroline Dortenzo, Glenn Rippin, Hannah Saulsbury, Michael Tropkoff, Marina Wheeler, Hailee Phillips and Jake Clapsadle.