Beautification Committee About To Expand By 3

OCEAN CITY – The Ocean City Beautification Committee could be expanding from seven to 10 members next year.

At a regular session of the Mayor and Council Monday night, the ordinance calling for the increase in committee members by three passed unanimously.

Each year the Ocean City Beautification Committee works to recognize those members of the community that contribute to the beautification of the town. The committee scours the town from the Inlet to the Delaware state line in an effort to find those properties that are well maintained and attractive. The committee spends months reviewing properties in an effort to choose the winners of the annual Beauty Spot Awards.

The committee’s job has become increasingly more difficult over the years as the town has expanded, resulting in more properties to review.

Donna Greenwood, chairperson of the Beautification Committee, explained at the presentation of this year’s Beauty Spot Awards that the abundance of properties has become too cumbersome. As a result, the committee can no longer drive around and review every property in town. The committee now accepts nominations and goes to visit each property nominated.

Winners are chosen from six categories – residential, condominium, motel, commercial, retail, restaurant and Boardwalk. By planting trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses and the like, the award winners have helped to beautify not only their own property, but the town as well. The Beautification Committee selected and presented over 20 awards this year.

Due to the increase in time and effort put into the Beauty Spot Awards, Greenwood requested that the committee be expanded from seven to 10 members. The expansion will allow for more properties to be reviewed and will help to alleviate the busy schedules the committee members have during the summer season.

According to the ordinance, “the term of each member shall be five years or until their successors are appointed and qualified, except that the respective terms of the ten members first appointed shall be on a staggered basis.”

The chairperson will hold a one-year term with possibility for reelection after the year is up. The public grounds specialist of Ocean City will act as a liaison to the committee.

The council voted unanimously with Council President Joe Mitrecic and Council member Lloyd Martin absent to pass the ordinance on first reading.