My Thoughts

The old guy is right handed but he drinks all of his coffee with his left hand because most people are right handed, especially when traveling. Right-handed coffee guzzlers all drink from the same side of the cup, that’s where they leave their lipstick, slobber and anything else their mouth wishes to contribute. He knows they are washed in most places and the possibility of catching anything is nil, but he still feels better taking his ounce of prevention. Hey, no germ is going to keep the old guy from getting older.

That’s why he has sworn off handshakes, which have become such a joke in today’s society. Today, idiots walk around shaking people’s hands like they are all politicians. Insider only shakes hands with people he cares about and respects, like some men, not all, in his family. Simply walking into a room and extending your hand to anyone who is willing to grab it and give it a shake. It’s so desperate. Hands are full of germs. If you don’t believe the Insider, take note the next time you are in a public restroom. Notice how many people actually wash their hands. Some people will simply walk right out after taking of their business and carry on their lives passing on whatever it is they have. Others will splash some water on their hands and think that takes care of that. The old guy uses soap and scrubs them and dries them off. If it’s one of those hand blowers, he uses toilet paper because those blowers are full of germs as well. It’s common courtesy.

Dollar figures are being thrown around that don’t make any sense. Who the hell needs $200 million? Insider heard on the news the other day a poor, unfortunate soul’s lucky day came in Baltimore when he was the winner of a $200 million lottery called Powerball. Although he counts himself among the lucky now, his once contented life has now ended. Nevermore will he be able to claim a sincere friend, hear an honest comment, never a normal life. He has been cursed with a fortune that he will never be able to spend comfortably and a lifestyle he will never be able to adjust to. So the lottery has one winner who took the entire pot, much to his regret. Wouldn’t it be nice, make sense, if there had been 200 winners, all receiving $1 million apiece? A million dollars is enough for anyone. A smart winner could bank the proceeds and live as he is living now on the interest alone. That would be a secure and happy person.