My Thoughts

My Thoughts

A good person with a true heart is hard to come by these days and it’s getting increasingly difficult to know whether you have a good one or not. That’s why so many people are getting divorced these days. Insider would be the first to admit he does not fit the bill. He’s not so good and not so true. He’s just an old guy who is selfish and stuck in his ways, but one trait he does possess is he’s honest. That’s what Insider finds so wrong with most people. They are just dishonest. You are either honest or you are not. Once a liar, always a liar; once a cheat, always a cheat. Insider has been lied to so many times he would not know which story to tell today to demonstrate the point that many people simply lie. It has always amazed the old guy why people tell lies. In most cases, and this is obvious, it’s to conceal something about themselves. To try and be someone they are not. In the old guy’s book, no matter what, respect comes to those who live not to deceive and mislead but to be sincere and authentic. That’s what Insider was taught growing up and hopefully he passed that down to his kids.

Well, it’s almost Thanksgiving, so Christmas is here. Insider was curious the other day to see if the stores are still selling toy soldier nutcrackers from Japan. The soldiers have apparently marched off to who knows where, but the useless stuff is still there. Battery-operated reindeer singing "Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" (barf!), cedar wind chimes, conch clocks, Christmas dwarfs playing golf, fishing or playing poker, Santa Claus surfing, and the always-popular shell ashtrays with catchy slogans like "Smokers are phlegms for Life!" There are even little framed signs with Santa telling Insider, "Thank you for taking that cigarette outside!"

What junk will score this year? Well, the chances are it will have something to do with naked people because Insider saw a lot of that on his recent shopping trip. Naked people are Christmas ornaments, naked people clocks, naked people fishing, golfing and surfing, naked Christmas socks to put stuff in. Hell, one customer with his sleeves rolled up walked by Insider with a naked lady tattooed on his arm.

Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.