Thursday, November 8 – OC’s First Marriott Path Cleared

OCEAN CITY – A revised site plan of the Miramar Marriott Hotel and Condominium came before the Planning and Zoning Commission Tuesday night, resulting in unanimous approval of the changes.

Jeff Thaler, representing Atlantic Coast Development, along with Zoning Administrator Blaine Smith presented the commission with a clear outline of the changes that were being proposed.

The Miramar, which will be replacing the old Santa Maria Motel on 15th Street and the Boardwalk, partnered with Marriott for the hotel and condominium building, resulting in some changes that would fit the Marriott look. Smith explained that the major changes were being made to the floor plans, the driveways and parking.

Smith presented the commission with an itemized list of changes. The commission has made it clear lately that any changes brought before itneeded to be clearly itemized and highlighted so that nothing is overlooked.

Smith noted that a circular type entry, typical of Marriott Courtyard Hotels, would be utilized for main entry to the hotel. One of the changes to the entry calls for a one-way traffic pattern instead of two, but Smith pointed out that there would still be room for two-way traffic for vehicles to pass one another. He added that the intention of Marriott is to properly receive people as they arrive.

Parking changes were also highlighted. Smith pointed out project officials would be, if approved, shifting all of the parking spaces to eight-foot spaces to pick-up an extra parking space. He added that the project would still have more than the required amount of spaces.

Changes to the recreation deck, resulting in the expansion and addition of two columns, were also made as a result of requests from Marriott.

Thaler explained that the Marriott Courtyard was moving in a new direction.

“Courtyards evidently are moving up in class and are no longer that business-class hotel,” he said, explaining that this Marriott Courtyard would be one of the first to reflect the new Courtyard style.

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