Roommate Charged In OC Stabbing

OCEAN CITY – An Ocean City man is being held this week on first-degree assault and other charges after stabbing his roommate with a steak knife on Monday evening during an altercation.

OCPD Officer Chris Snyder was on routine patrol in the south end of Ocean City on Monday evening when he heard yelling and noticed several people gathered around a residence on Baltimore Ave. near Dorchester Street. Snyder approached the residence and was met by Curtis Severe, 47, who lived at the address. Severe told the officer he was just stabbed by his roommate.

The officer noticed a 16-inch-long scratch on Severe’s back with a puncture wound at the end. OCPD officers then spoke with the suspect, Dean Waters, 29, who shared the apartment with Severe. Waters was still angry and continued to threaten to kill Severe even after being taken into custody and handcuffed.

Witness told police they saw Waters chasing Severe around the property, threatening to kill him. The witnesses intervened, positioning themselves between Waters and Severe to prevent the victim from sustaining further injury. One of the witnesses was able to grab the knife from Waters and threw it aside.

Police recovered the weapon, a steak knife with a four-inch blade, and it was submitted as evidence. Waters was charged with first- and second-degree assault, assault with a deadly weapon and reckless endangerment.

Severe was treated at the scene.

Both Waters and Severe have extensive criminal records in Worcester County with Waters, the alleged stabber, being arrested two weeks ago after allegedly attempting to steal a car from a residence on Snow Hill Rd.

While Severe was the victim of the stabbing on Monday, he too has an extensive criminal record in the area, his most recent arrest coming on July 4 this year after a bizarre hit-and-run accident led OCPD officers to discover he had stolen food from a freezer at a neighbor’s house earlier in the day. Severe was charged with hit-and-run, driving under the influence, driving while suspended, and assault on a police officer for the first incident and was later charged with burglary and misdemeanor theft.