My Thoughts

The nighttime soap (sex) operas are not the Insider’s thing. You know the shows, there’s a popular one called Grey’s Anatomy and another is Desperate Housewives. There are dozens of other ones on different times of the week. Insider has a hard time imagining why anyone watches these types of shows, but it’s clear millions of people do it each week including the old guy’s best friend. It’s no wonder young girls spend a great portion of their high school days learning the great art of kissing and how to make believe they are enjoying it. Learning how to kiss properly is of prime importance to these young romancers. There’s a lot of pressure to do it and to do it just right. And learning the simple art of kissing isn’t enough. They must be innovative, creative, unique and different (any way but the way the parents did it). So today we sit and try to watch television and all we see is a lot of tongues going in a lot of mouths. And in their search for true authenticity those neat directors have begun adding the slobber-spit sound that would naturally accompany any traveling tongue. High school boys also devote much time to the art of love and romance. They did, and still do, all of their studying in dirty books.

Where’s all the money? Insider made the last payment on his pickup three months ago. The $300-a-month payments for 36 months has ended so he should have an extra $900 in his bank account, but he doesn’t. Religiously he’s been writing a check for $300 every month to good old Ford Credit and it’s been no problem. The money has always been there. The payments have ended but the money has just disappeared. It seems like Insider’s money is always there for other people but as soon as they get their pound of flesh the money dries up. He borrows money to pay his taxes and it’s fairly easy to repay the loan.  The funds are always there. When the loan is paid off though, you’d think he would have an excess amount, but it never happens.

So they took another word from us. Remember going to the druggist? Well, nobody goes to the druggist anymore because there are no druggists. All we have now are pharmacists. Insides guesses that the people who are always changing things didn’t like the "drug" in druggist. Drugs are a bad word today so druggist had to go. And nobody, but nobody will admit they feel gay. The same with the DuPont slogan. Remember? It used to be "Better things for betting living, through chemistry." Today it is simply ‘Better things for better living.’ When did chemistry become a bad word?