Attempted Cop Biter Arrested

Attempted Cop Biter Arrested

OCEAN CITY – An Ocean City man was arrested last week on several charges including assault after attempting to bite an Ocean City police officer.

Around 10:30 p.m. last Thursday, an Ocean City police officer on routine traffic patrol stopped a vehicle for numerous traffic violations in the area of 32nd Street and Baltimore Ave. The officer approached the driver, Charlene Battaglia, and started to tell her why he had stopped her when the front seat passenger interceded. The passenger, later identified as Robert William Chester, 42, of West Ocean City, first argued with the officer about the registration for the vehicle, which he said he owned.

The officer asked the driver to step out of the vehicle so he could talk to her unimpeded when Chester and another man got out of the truck and approached the officer. The officer told Chester he was free to leave but could not keep coming back to the vehicle. Chester went into a nearby bar and returned a short time later, standing on the sidewalk and yelling obscenities at the officer while he was waiting for a license check on Battaglia.

The officer told Chester again to leave because he was impeding an investigation. The officer noted in his report Chester had a “violent history and likes to resist and assault police.” Chester refused to leave, telling the officer he was on a public sidewalk and could not be forced to leave. He continued his expletive-laced tirade until the officer told him if he did not leave the area, he would be arrested.

The officer was preparing to write a repair order for the vehicle when Chester emerged from the bar again, this time carrying a pool cue. The officer pulled out his handcuffs and prepared to arrest Chester when Chester squared up in a fighting posture, clenched his fists and said, “looks like I’m going to have to take another assault charge,” according to police reports.

The officer took out his Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Spray and pointed it at Chester, stating he would use it if the suspect did not cooperate. When other officers arrived to assist, Chester put his hands behind his back and was handcuffed, but the incident was not over. When the arresting officer attempted to serve Chester with a citation, he noticed a cigarette pack in the suspect’s shirt pocket.

When the officer attempted to remove the cigarette pack to investigate it, Chester lunged his head toward the officer’s hand and attempted to bite the officer. In his report, the officer said he felt Chester’s mouth on his hand before he pulled it away. The other officers on the scene said in the report they saw Chester attempt to bite the arresting officer. Chester was eventually taken into custody and charged with second-degree assault, obstructing and hindering and disorderly conduct.

Trash Can Dumper Arrested

OCEAN CITY – A Selbyville, Del. man was arrested last week on disorderly conduct charges after a drunken rampage down the Boardwalk during which he overturned several trash cans.

On Oct. 17, Ocean City Police Cpl. Ray Land was on mounted patrol on the Boardwalk when he was advised by four different people there was a pair of suspected drunk individuals staggering down the Boardwalk a few blocks up turning over trash cans. A short time later, the officer observed a suspect, later identified as Steven Richard Noonan, 38, of Selbyville, push over a trash can near N. Division Street, spilling its contents all over the Boardwalk. The officer observed there were several more cans knocked over in the area including one near the Fireman’s Memorial.

The officer also observed Noonan screaming obscenities at another individual on the Boardwalk, which attracted the attention of a small crowd. Land watched Noonan stagger off the Boardwalk onto N. Division Street where he stopped the suspect. Noonan admitted knocking over all of the cans on the Boardwalk. He was then placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

WOC Trespasser Arrested

WEST OCEAN CITY – A woman found lying in a West Ocean City roadway last Sunday afternoon refused to leave the property and was arrested on a variety of charges including trespassing and disorderly conduct.

Around 12:44 p.m. last Sunday, Maryland State Police troopers from the Berlin barrack responded to the Golf Course Rd. area in West Ocean City in reference to a person lying in the roadway near the Sailor’s Watch Condominium. Upon arrival, the troopers identified the suspect as Lisa Denise Harris, 41, of no fixed address. While the Ocean City EMTs who had responded to the scene were checking on Harris’ welfare, she became extremely combative and verbally abusive, according to arrest reports.

Harris refused treatment and also refused to leave the Sailor’s Watch property after being told several times to do so. She was eventually arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, trespassing and hindering. Harris was transported first to the Berlin barrack for processing and later was seen by a court commissioner, who ordered her held on a $1,000 bond.

Mail Box Bashers Sought

BERLIN – Maryland State Police are seeking the suspect or suspects involved in a rash of mailbox bashings along Purnell Crossing Rd. in Berlin earlier this week.

On Sunday, a Maryland State Police trooper responded to a report regarding the malicious destruction of a mailbox on Purnell Crossing Rd. in Berlin. The trooper arrived and observed the mailbox and sign had been struck with an unknown object. Further investigation revealed another mailbox at a nearby residence had also been destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office reported a similar string of malicious destruction cases on its side of the county line. Witnesses in the Berlin area said a loud truck came through the area around 2 a.m. that morning, but no other information about the suspect or suspects is known. Anyone having information about the malicious destruction cases is encouraged to contact the state police at 410-641-3101.

Copper Wire Stolen From Telephone Tower 

BERLIN – Maryland State Police this week are investigating the theft of copper wire from an AT&T facility near Snow Hill.

On Oct. 18, Maryland State Police troopers responded to a reported theft at the AT&T facility on Snow Hill Rd. near Snow Hill. The investigation revealed a suspect or suspects had entered the fenced-in portion of the complex containing a telephone tower and two buildings. Upon entering the area, the suspects cut and removed several copper wires from the tower as well as large copper plates used to ground the tower and protect it from lightning strikes.

The estimated value of the copper wire and plates stolen from the facility is $1,500. The theft this week was just the latest in a recent trend of thefts of copper wires from public facilities because of their increasing value. The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the MSP Berlin Barrack at 410-641-3101.

Speeding Leads To Crack Arrest

BERLIN – A Willards man was arrested for possession of crack cocaine this week after a routine traffic stop for speeding.

On Oct. 20, a trooper from the Maryland State Police Berlin Barrack was on routine traffic patrol when he observed a vehicle going 80 mph in a 55 mph zone on Route 610 just north of Sheppard’s Crossing Rd. After initiating a traffic stop, the trooper observed a white-colored napkin get thrown out of the vehicle on the driver’s side and land on the roadway.

After stopping the vehicle, the napkin was retrieved from the road and rolled up inside were several small, white rocks the trooper identified as suspected crack cocaine. The driver and sole occupant of the vehicle, later identified as Paul McWilliams, Jr., 51, of Willards was arrested for possession of crack cocaine and was transported to the Berlin Barrack for processing.

Possession, DWI Charges Stick

OCEAN CITY – A 19-year-old pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana and driving while intoxicated in District Court Monday morning.

Robert C. Hare, 19, of Nottingham, Md., pleaded guilty to the charges that stemmed from an Aug. 11 incident.

According to police reports, around 3:30 a.m., Hare’s vehicle was spotted going 57 mph in a 40 mph zone in the area of 77th Street. Officers pulled over Hare and noticed the odor of alcohol. Hare reportedly performed poorly on several field sobriety tests and later blew a .09 BAC. The officer also saw, in plain view, a baggie of marijuana, which was later revealed to be 6.1 grams of marijuana. It was reported that Hare was, “too stoned not to be polite,” to the officers during the arrest.

Hare faced the possession and driving while intoxicated charges in court Monday morning and was found guilty of both. He was sentenced to probation before judgment with one year of supervised probation and $357.50 in court costs for the possession charge, and received three years of supervised probation and $557.50 in courts costs for driving while intoxicated.

Double Possession Charges

OCEAN CITY – A mother and daughter both appeared in District Court Monday morning to face possession of marijuana charges, resulting in guilty and not guilty sentences.

Tiffany Parish, 19, of Hanover, Pa., pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of marijuana. According to police reports, on Aug. 13, Officer Aaron Morgan was on foot patrol when he noticed three individuals on the beach at 48th Street that were frequently lighting their lighters.

As he approached, the officer noticed one of the individuals, Parish, concealing something in her hand. He obtained the object and found that it was a hand-rolled cigarette containing what was later revealed to be .3 grams of marijuana. All three of the individuals were arrested for possession of marijuana.

Parish was found guilty and sentenced to probation before judgment with one year of unsupervised probation and $457.50 in court costs.

Parish’s mother, Dawn Marie Parrish, 36, also of Hanover, Pa., came before the court Monday morning as well, pleading not guilty to the charge of possession of marijuana. Morgan testified that on Aug. 13 he discovered the hand-rolled cigarette containing marijuana in the hand of one of the three individuals, Tiffany Parrish, and that Dawn Parrish was sitting next to her at the time. Morgan also noted that the joint appeared to have been smoked.

Parrish pleaded not guilty, adding that she had no idea that her daughter had the joint on her.

Judge Daniel Mumford found Parrish not guilty, adding that although he had doubts about Parrish’s story, there was not sufficient evidence to find her guilty.

Not Guilty Sentence For Cocaine Possession

OCEAN CITY – Anthony Davis, 23, of Girdletree, appeared in District Court on Monday morning to plead guilty to charges of displaying the government ID of another and to plead not guilty to possession charges.

According to Officer Mark Wolinsky, on Aug. 12 he was patrolling around midnight when a Seacrets manager approached him. The manager explained to Wolinsky the man with him had been stopped for having a bad ID. Wolinsky questioned the man about his ID, but the man would not identify himself.

Meanwhile, Davis approached the scene and began “distracting” Wolinsky, who told him repeatedly to back away. The Seacrets manager then brought Davis to the side so that Wolinsky could continue his questioning. Wolinsky testified that the man walked away from him at one point when he wasn’t looking and reached out to Davis.

The manager reportedly saw the man approach Davis and pass an object to him. The manager reportedly saw Davis then throw something on the ground. The manager called the transaction to Wolinsky’s attention, who then picked up the object, which was revealed to be a bag of cocaine.

Davis’s attorney argued that the manager, who saw the alleged transaction, was not there to testify to the events. Judge Daniel Mumford found Davis not guilty of the possession charges as a result.

Davis did admit to giving his ID to the other man to use, pleading guilty to the charge. He was sentenced to probation before judgment with one year of unsupervised probation with $157.50 in court costs.

Plea Change Results In Postponement

OCEAN CITY – A Baltimore man pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana in District Court Monday, only to change his mind later and make a request for a postponement.

Antonio Andrew Osbourne, 25, of Baltimore, appeared in District Court Monday morning, pleading guilty to possession of marijuana and adding that he had an explanation to accompany his guilty plea.

On Aug. 5, officers responded to South 1st Street after receiving reports of possible alcohol and marijuana on the beach. When officers arrived, they found 15-20 people with alcohol on the beach. They also noticed the odor of marijuana. Osbourne was spotted with a blunt cigar in his hand, which he then dropped and tried to cover. The blunt cigar was obtained and later proven to contain .9 grams of marijuana.

Osbourne disagreed with the statement of facts, claiming that he had not been smoking any marijuana, but that he was pleading guilty because he had been around it. Osbourne maintained that he had not been holding a blunt as the officer had stated. “If that was the case, I would have run or something,” Osbourne told Judge Daniel Mumford.

As a result, Mumford rejected Osbourne’s guilty plea, noting that Osbourne clearly did not think he was guilty. Osbourne changed tactics at that point, requesting a postponement of the case so that he could obtain a lawyer. Mumford granted the postponement.

Four Injured In Route 113 Accident

BERLIN – Four people were injured including two with serious injuries last weekend in yet another accident on Route 113 involving a vehicle and a motorcycle.

Around 2:30 last Sunday afternoon, Maryland State Police from the Berlin barrack responded to a reported motor vehicle collision on Route 113 near its intersection with Route 756. The investigation revealed a 2000 Saturn Ion driven by Denise Velma Jones, 46, of Salisbury, was traveling eastbound on Route 756 when it failed to yield to oncoming traffic on Route 113.

The Saturn driven by Jones collided with a 2007 Harley Davidson motorcycle driven by Dale Evan Kronk, 47, of Imperial, Mo., striking the motorcycle in the side and launching Kronk and his passenger, Yvonne Joyce Kronk, 44, also of Imperial, Mo., from the motorcycle. Ironically, the accident happened on the Dale Kronk, the driver of the motorcycle, on his birthday.

Dale Kronk was transported via Maryland State Police helicopter first to PRMC in Salisbury and later to Shock Trauma, with serious injuries. Yvonne Kronk was transported to PRMC by ambulance with serious internal injuries. Denise Jones and her 10-year-old passenger were taken by ambulance to PRMC where they were treated for minor injuries. Charges are pending in the accident.

Riddle Farm Sign Wreckers Sought

BERLIN – Maryland State Police this week are still seeking the suspect or suspects who maliciously destroyed a sign at the Glen Riddle community last weekend.

An MSP trooper has been assigned to investigate a malicious destruction of property case in the area of Maiden Arms Lane in the Glen Riddle community sometime last weekend between 2:20 p.m. Saturday afternoon and 6 a.m. Sunday morning. During that time period, an unknown suspect or suspects used an unknown object to destroy a sales sign belonging to the Glen Riddle homeowners association.

The sign has an estimated value of $600. The investigation is ongoing and the MSP is encouraging anyone with information about the incident to contact them at 410-641-3101.

Traffic Stop Yields Pot Arrest

BERLIN – A simple speeding stop last week at Route 12 near Red House Rd. resulted in the arrest of a Snow Hill man on possession of marijuana charges.

Around 10:30 p.m. on Oct. 14, a Maryland State Police trooper on routine traffic patrol observed a vehicle going 73 mph in a 55 mph zone on Route 12. The trooper initiated a traffic stop, and as he was approaching the vehicle, he noticed the strong odor of marijuana emanating from the driver, later identified as Jonathan Purnell, 26, of Snow Hill.

A search of the vehicle incident to the traffic stop revealed a small amount of marijuana inside. Purnell was arrested for possession of marijuana and transported to the Berlin barrack for processing. He was later taken before a court commissioner, who released Purnell on his own recognizance.

Garbage Truck Fire

BERLIN – Late Monday night, Maryland State Police responded to the area of Routes 113 and 589 for a reported vehicle fire.

Shortly before midnight on October 22, troopers from the MSP Berlin barrack responded to Routes 113 and 589 for a reported vehicle on fire. Upon arrival, the trooper discovered a garbage truck owned by Chesapeake Waste Industries was on fire. According to the driver, the fire started in the cab of the truck but its origin was unknown. The vehicle sustained moderate damage.  No injuries were sustained during the incident.

OCPD Mourns Loss Of Civilian Employee

OCEAN CITY – The Ocean City Police Department this week announced the passing of long-time civilian employee Lucille A. Cole.

According to the brief statement released on Wednesday, “it is with deep sadness the Ocean City Police Department announces the passing of 16-year dedicated civilian employee Lucille A. Cole.  Lucille A. Cole had been a long-time member of the Ocean City Police serving in our Administration Division.”

The statement goes on to say, “Members of the Ocean City Police family will miss Lucy’s courage, caring nature, exceptional character and most of all her wonderful smile.”

Cole is survived by her husband, William O. Cole, Sr., their son and eight grandchildren.

More Accessible OCPD

OCEAN CITY – In an effort to better serve the citizens and visitors of the resort, the Ocean City Police Department announced this week it had updated its website to include a link providing access to the contact information for each and every member of the department.

The resort police department’s website ( now includes a link to the name, rank, phone number and email address to every member of its full-time staff. The new “officer listing” page can be found under the “contact us” tab on the department’s main home web page. Along with complete list of all OCPD personnel is the officer’s departmental phone number as well as each officer’s individual email.