My Thoughts

Insider was forwarded a letter penned by Ocean City resident Joseph G. Dopkowski last week that truly hit home for the old guy. Here’s a look at the letter.

Gov. O’Malley wants to stop all smoking in Maryland. My question to him is: Why did you say no smoking to all the veterans groups? When I went in the service in 1953, I didn’t smoke. But when we received C-rations, they always had a small pack of Lucky Strike packed with the candy bar. If you didn’t smoke when you went in the service, you smoked while you were in and most are still smoking today.  Most of our members are over the age of 70 and we only have a few good years left (hopefully more).

Another thing I would ask the governor is you want people to smoke but don’t smoke in any buildings. You want the tax money from tobacco and I see you want to raise the cigarette to $2 a pack. My feelings are if you can’t smoke in the state, then the state should not be allowed to sell cigarettes in said state. He wants the tax money but please don’t smoke in Maryland.

Delaware stopped all smoking but had the courtesy to let all service clubs have smoking if they want it. Why are you Gov. O’Malley so against the people who are and have served the country. Our motto for the V.F.W. is: It isn’t the price you paid to be a member, it’s the price you paid to be eligible.”

The old guy likes what Joey boy had to say here. Insider never smoked until he was sent to Korea to fight for something he doesn’t remember today. The guys over in the middle of a desert know all about that today. Insider was in that same line as Joey boy in the early 1950s, waiting for rations and received the same cigarettes he received with the token candy bar. The smokes were the best things in the world to the Insider. As a matter of fact, the old guy has been smoking ever since and has no plans to stop. The federal government introduced him to the cigarette and has been punishing him with taxes and Surgeon’s General warnings ever since. Ain’t that something and it was all in the name of serving.