My Thoughts

My Thoughts

On the topic of food …

… The old guy is crazy about cheese and likes just about any kind he can get his paws on. His least favorite is American and Insider’s preference is a tie between Parmesan and cheddar and all the different styles they come in. One of the old guy’s favorite pastimes is to watch an old Sherlock Holmes episode with a plate full of cheddar cheese slices and a glass of whole milk. On top of the cheese slices Insider shaves a lot of Parmesan and that’s heaven. Insider doesn’t ruin the taste of the cheese with crackers or dipping sauces. It’s best left by itself. That way the true taste and aroma of the cheese comes through. Wine goes great with cheese, but Insider is not a drinker so that’s not his thing. Cheese and milk is one of Insider’s favorite meals.

… The only way to truly cook a steak is on a charcoal grill. Insider is always amazed at how every house has an oversized gas grill outside these days. It seems to be the vogue thing and people will spend hundreds of dollars to satisfy their grill envy and get the top of the line beast complete with numerous levels for cooking and multiple side burners for who knows what. The old guy asked around and it seems those side burners are all about looks because most don’t work after a couple months. Insider prefers his little charcoal grill that can nicely fit two steaks. It takes a while to get it nice and hot, but once fired up, there’s nothing better than the smell of a rare steak powered by charcoal. As is the case with most things, the longer it takes, the better.

… Insider is back on Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews, and yes he knows they are not called that any longer, thanks to an arrogant letter from a young-timer months ago. After a brief respite of three or four years, the old guy got some in the mail a couple months back from an admirer. Ever since, the love affair has ensued with six or seven a night being sneaked in between cigarettes. To that secret admirer, thank you and feel free to send some more.

… They are not on the diet anymore because doc says they must go, but one of Insider’s favorite sins is a Krispy Kreme donut dipped in a cup of coffee. The old guy dreams about those days when he woke up to find a cup of hot coffee at his seat at the kitchen table with a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. Forget sex, you see when you get old food is what you dream about. That’s where the Insider gets his jollies.