Students Salute Firefighters With Poems

OCEAN CITY – Students in Miss Kelly Seitzer’s fourth grade class at Ocean City Elementary School wrote and typed poems in honor of our Ocean City firefighters. They made them into a book to be given to the firefighters.

When the smoke detector goes off

The fire bell rings

Out comes the big red truck

With a hard hat and a hose

People stand back to watch the firemen go

The flames go out they’re so brave

Now people lives are saved

By: Hailey Beswick

Firemen are smart

The siren blows

Out they go

The red speedy truck

Takes them to a short cut

They race to the fire

And make sure it’s out

White and blue yellow and red

The firemen are ready for bed

By: Andrew Simonson

The day, the Big, Big day

It may be hot and smoky

But our heroes are fast

You can hear them shout

The firemen will put the fire out

The smoke is in and you are safe

Give a great big cheer

For the firemen of the year!

By: Eva Fermin

You are a hero you are a man.

You help everybody.

You have a dog to help you.

The truck races you to the fire.

Your helmet protects you.

The hose that sprays water

You are so brave into the fire

And save many lives.

By: YiNa Dong

A hero

One who helps me

Sprays water on a fire

Who comes and saves me

Climbing to the rescue

Fire fighters are my friends

A hero they are

By: Daniel Moyer

I’m a firefighter I put on

My hat

Go up in a fire and rescue

A cat

Put out the flame as soon as

We came

We bring out the hose and watch the fire

As it goes

Our job is done now, we hear people say

“Thanks a ton”

It’s all in a days work and it’s done.

By: Tess Hutchins

They are as risky as can be,

Risking their lives

For other lives

So they can do their job.

If the fire sparks up, out comes their truck

And they put it out

They are brave and smart

The best they can be

Because they are our hero, and ready for anything!

By: Julian Tomasello

He goes into a fire without any fear

They can help keep you here

They ride in a big red truck

And put on their suits

Out comes the water

It looks like it shoots

And it gets to the fire

It completely ends the shout

Saving lives is what it’s all about

By: Justin Weber

A fire fighter

Puts out fires

Rides a red fire truck

Races to his job

Sprays water from his hose

Saves lives

A hero

By: Kandace Scheel

They save our lives

When the siren blows

They saved many people from

September 11

When the twin tower crashed

They speed quickly to the fire

Spray water from a hose

Out goes the fire

They are brave

By: Nicholas Matha

One with the Flames

Noise when speeding to the fire

Adjusting the hose to the hydrant

Putting out the flames

Courage and bravery to rescue lives

Masks to help breath and protective suits

Firefighters are the heroes of the flames!

By: Todd Petrella

Firefighters run around

Saving people, cats, and dogs

They get to the house in a big red truck

It has a loud alarm

They see the house

They see flames

They use a hose

And out goes the flames

Firefighters are heroes to you and me

Off goes the alarm time after time

They save more lives

A hero

By: Rachel Savage

When the siren blows

You drop everything and put on your clothes

You save lives and you risk yours

You are a hero to me!!

By: Michael Tropkoff