Customer Service Is A Top Priority At Headlines

Customer Service Is A Top Priority At Headlines

OCEAN CITY – Headlines Salon has been calling Ocean Pines home for the past seven years, bringing quality hair care and salon service to the area.

Manager Paula Myers sat down with The Dispatch to discuss what makes Headlines a successful salon, as well as what keeps the daily operations running smoothly.

Myers, who has been managing Headlines for the past three years, said, “we pride ourselves in being the best hair salon in the area.” She went on to fully attribute the success to the 18 employees that make up the Headlines staff.

“Everyone gets along so well, it’s a cohesive staff,” Myers said, explaining that some of the girls have been with Headlines since it opens its doors.

Headlines saw a major change in staff about a year ago when it took on eight new girls who had left another local salon. Despite the influx of new help, the cohesive atmosphere remained. “We are constantly getting compliments on the spirit of the salon,” she said.

As for managing the salon, Myers described the people as the most enjoyable part about her job. Whether it’s the people that she works with or the clients, Myers considers them to be the most enjoyable part of her workday.

“You really get to know them and their families,” she said of the clients, explaining that whether people come in weekly, monthly, or intermittently, the staff gets to know each and every customer.

Myers described the most challenging part of managing a salon as, “making sure everything runs smoothly.” Myers explained that making everyone, stylists and clients, feel relaxed could be challenging, but that time management helps her to manage everyone’s schedules. Although Myers admitted that no day or job is perfect, she could not pin point the last bad workday that she had. “It really is a great atmosphere,” she concluded.

The most important aspect of the salon, according to Myers, is the customer service.  Myers explained that excellent customer service begins the moment a customer walks through the door. Whether the customer is being greeted, offered a beverage, being prepped for the stylist or sitting in the chair, the customer service and friendly atmosphere is upheld.

The customer service does not stop with the hair cut, Myers said.

Each stylist takes the time to educate the clients on new styles or cuts and teaches them how to manage their hair once they’ve left the salon. Each stylist also escorts the customer out and shows them the products that they recommend.

“There’s a big difference between helping and selling,” Myers said, explaining that they do not force products onto customers.

Some of the products featured at Headlines are TIGI, Sexy, Phyto, Nioxin, Graham Webb and Goldwell. According to Myers, Phyto is an all-natural high-end line that can be found only in high-end department stores and salons. She also pointed out that Goldwell is their high-end color line of treatments and shampoos.

“Its not a fast food salon where we move them in and out,” Myers said of the salon’s customer service, concluding that as a result, they have created strong relationships with their clients.

Headlines offers a wide variety of services from hair to nail care to facial waxing. The nail care service ranges from basic manicures to foot polish change to the hot rocks spa pedicure. Packages and gift certificates are also available.  Although nail care and facial waxing are available and are popular aspects of the salon, Myers maintained that hair is their top priority. “We’re geared towards hair, that is our main focus,” she said.

Myers noted that along with having friendly stylists they also have well educated stylists who have received and continue to receive top education. The stylists are well equipped for any hair type, but many of the girls also specialize in particular areas of hair care such as coloring, perms, or funky hairstyles. The girls also specialize in enhancing your natural look as opposed to completely changing your current style.

Myers explained that when new clients come to Headlines, they make every effort to match them up with the appropriate stylist. The new client is asked a variety of questions aiming at what kind of hair they have, what style they are looking for, what they want to do, and when they are available. New clients can also be brought in for a consultation prior to their appointment with their stylist.

“We go through the whole process and we match them up the best that we can with a stylist,” Myers said.  “We go that extra mile.”

Myers explained Headlines is willing to work with clients and be as flexible as possible to meet the client’s needs, whether it’s staying open late for a customer or squeezing someone in at the last minute.

“We are a very accommodating salon,’” she said.