Violent Suspect Threatens To Kill Cops

OCEAN CITY – Resort police officers found a world of trouble last week after they arrested a man passed out in a downtown apartment when the suspect threatened to kill the officers at the scene and their families and making more serious threats to health care workers at the hospital after being transported for chest pains and trouble breathing.

The incident began shortly after 8 p.m. last Wednesday when OCPD officers responded to a residence on 2nd Street for a reported burglary in progress. The unit’s owner told police he had gone to check on his residence when he noticed one of the window panes on the door had been broken. The owner told the officers he could hear somebody snoring inside so he backed away and called police.

The officers first knocked on the door and announced themselves as police, but when they got no response, the officers unlocked the door and went inside. The officers were searching for somebody inside when they discovered a man later identified as James Junior Carpenter, 38, of no fixed address, lying on the couch in the unit.

The officers nudged Carpenter in an attempt to wake him and he rolled off the couch and onto the floor, according to police reports. When they attempted to place him in custody until they could sort out who he was and why he was in the unit, Carpenter tensed up and began to resist arrest. He also launched into a string of profanities escalating as the evening wore on.

When Carpenter asked why he was going to jail, the officers told him he was being arrested for malicious destruction of property and burglary. Carpenter then told police he was told by an “Iranian” that he was allowed to stay in the unit, but the officers told him the unit’s owner had called them and nobody had been given permission by him to be inside. To that, Carpenter told police he had just gotten out of jail and had nowhere else to go.

With that said, Carpenter launched into a profanity-laced series of threats against the officers including “I will blow your face off,” and “I’m gonna kill you, your wife and your kids, wait ‘til I get out.” Carpenter continued his threats, saying, “Wait ‘til I get out of jail. I’m gonna shoot and kill you. I’ll be out by Monday.”

Carpenter continued to flail around in an attempt to get up, but he was subdued on the floor by the officers. He continued his profanity-laced tirade and threatened to kill all of the officers involved in the arrest. In the meantime, one of the first officers on the scene met with the unit’s owner who said he had never seen Carpenter before.

He was eventually placed in a transport vehicle and taken to police headquarters for processing, but he wasn’t finished with his threatening tirade. At the Public Safety Building, Carpenter threatened to break the noses of two officers assisting with processing. A short time later, the original arresting officer received a call from OCPD communications that Carpenter was being transported to AGH complaining of chest pains and trouble breathing.

At the hospital, Carpenter refused to talk to doctors and nurses, saying only he had taken 10 pills, which he didn’t know what they were, and drank two 30 packs of beer. He continued his profanity and threats toward officers and health care providers, despite being told to quit it because there were children around.

Carpenter then ripped off all of the wires and oxygen hoses attached to him and pulled out an IV, causing blood to pour out of his arm. He continued his threats toward the OCPD officers saying, “Look at my record. I have nothing to lose. I have killed before,” and “Look at my record in Texas. I did 16 years for murder.”

Carpenter was eventually subdued and charged with malicious destruction of property. He is being held on a $25,000 bond 

WOC Burglary Probed

WEST OCEAN CITY – Maryland State Police are looking for a suspect or suspects that burglarized a townhouse in West Ocean City late Monday night.

Shortly before 11 p.m. on Monday, Maryland State Police troopers from the Berlin barrack received a call from a resident at a townhouse in the Water’s Edge community along Golf Course Rd. near Route 50 regarding a burglary at his home. The investigation revealed an unknown number of suspects forced entry into one of the townhouses and stole several items while the resident was not at home.

The case has been turned over to the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation (WCBI). Anyone with information regarding the burglary is asked to contact the MSP Berlin barrack at 410-641-3101.

Employee Admits To Restaurant Break-In

OCEAN CITY – A north-end restaurant employee admitted breaking into his place of work last week after being fired the night before.

On Sept. 18, Ocean City Police responded to Leo’s Restaurant in north Ocean City for a reported burglary. An officer met with the restaurant’s owner who pointed out a broken window at the south side of the business. Police observed the suspect used an overturned green bucket to gain access to the window, which was elevated from the ground.

The investigation revealed the suspect entered the business and stole about $30 in currency and rolled coins from the cash register and cabinet below the cash register. The owner of the business showed police a second broken window at the southeastern side of the building that was secured with wire screening.

The window was shattered and several sections of the security wire were pried back away from the window on the outside. The officers observed blood near the window with the security wire and followed a trail around the window through which the suspect gained access to the building.

The restaurant owner identified a potential suspect as Donald Collins, 49, of Ocean City, who was a former employee fired the previous evening for attempting to steal money from the cabinets below the cash register. The owner told police Collins made a rash comment about coming back later on to get his things.

Police were able to obtain Collins’ address from his employment records and responded to the mobile home on Peachtree Rd. in an attempt to locate the suspect. Once they arrived, the officers noticed what appeared to be blood droplets on the screened-in porch, the porch furniture and near the entrance to the residence. They attempted to make contact with him to no avail.

Based on Collins’ actions the previous night and the blood evidence at the crime scene and his residence, police were able to secure a search and seizure warrant for the residence. When they went back to the residence, Collins greeted them at the door. When interviewed, Collins admitted he broke the windows, entered the restaurant and stole the cash and scratch-off lottery tickets. He also admitted breaking into a shed to get the bucket he used to get in the elevated window.

Collins admitted he cut his finger during the burglary and showed the officers where he had hidden the stolen money and lottery tickets. He took full responsibility for his actions and was arrested and charged with burglary, theft and malicious destruction of property.

OCPD Nabs Alleged Liquor Store Robbers

OCEAN CITY – A Delaware couple wanted in that state for robbing a liquor store in Ocean View and making off with $11,000 were arrested in Ocean City last week after resort police recognized a description of their vehicle broadcast over police communications.

On Sept. 17, OCPD communications put out a broadcast for a vehicle, a gold Dodge Neon, wanted in connection with a theft from a liquor store in Ocean View. Communications advised the vehicle would likely contain a male and female adult and two small children in the back. Around 6:30 p.m., OCPD Cpl. Ronnie Townsend observed a vehicle matching the description in downtown Ocean City near N. Division Street and activated his emergency equipment before stopping the Neon at Wicomico Street.

The OCPD officer approached the vehicle and asked the driver, later identified as Samantha Lewis, 27, of Dagsboro, Del., and the male passenger, later identified as Charles Leonard Truitt III, 27, also of Dagsboro, for their identification, which they provided. The officer also noticed two small children in the back of the vehicle, one male and one female.

The OCPD officer then returned to his vehicle and called the Delaware State Police financial crimes unit and learned Truitt and Lewis were wanted in Delaware for a theft from Hickman’s Liquor Store in Ocean View a day earlier. The pair allegedly stole around $11,000 in currency from the store.

The Delaware trooper advised the OCPD officer another Delaware officer had just met with a judge to secure fugitive warrants for Lewis and Truitt. Townsend, the OCPD officer, then asked the Delaware State Police to send the warrants via teletype and confirmed the warrants were extraditable. A short time later, OCPD communications informed Townsend they had received the warrants and that the Delaware State Police would extradite Lewis and Truitt back to that state.

In the meantime, while the OCPD officer was communicating with Delaware about the warrants, he observed Truitt turn around in the passenger seat and reach back toward the little girl in the rear seat. During a search of the vehicle incident to the arrest, Townsend found a metal smoking device with burnt marijuana residue on the rear passenger seat near the child’s safety seat. He also found a purple Nexium pill bottle with two baggies of crack cocaine and a third baggie with marijuana in it.

By then the Delaware State Police officer had arrived to extradite Lewis and Truitt. Townsend went to the Delaware patrol car and questioned Truitt about his findings and he admitted the smoking device, the crack cocaine and the marijuana were all his. The Delaware officer then transported the couple to the Public Safety Building where Truitt was charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana and possession of paraphernalia and Lewis was charged as a fugitive from Delaware.

Refuses To Leave Hospital

BERLIN – A homeless man who became unruly and refused to leave the hospital after treatment was arrested by Berlin Police last week after telling officers he would rather go to jail.

On Sept. 11, Berlin Police responded to Atlantic General Hospital for a trespassing report and encountered a man, later identified as Brooke Allison, 31, of no fixed address, refusing to leave the hospital after being treated. According to police reports, Allison was treated at the hospital but refused to leave.

He was allowed to sit in the lobby of the hospital, but when he defecated on himself, he was asked to wait outside. Allison then began to yell and curse at hospital staff, causing a scene, and was asked to leave the property.

According to police reports, Allison had already been offered numerous times a voucher for a taxicab ride to wherever he needed to go. When police arrived, Allison was again offered a taxicab voucher and refused again. He was then told to leave the property but told police he would rather be arrested. The officers complied with his request and arrested him, charging him with trespassing. He was taken before a court commissioner who ordered him held on a $1,000 bond.

Smoking In The Park

BERLIN – Berlin Police arrested three juveniles last week after catching them smoking marijuana in a vehicle in Stephen Decatur Park.

On Sept. 12, Berlin Police approached a vehicle in Stephen Decatur Park after it was closed when they detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Marijuana was clearly seen in the vehicle and a search of the car after the three female juvenile suspects were arrested turned up a smoking device still warm to the touch with suspected marijuana residue in it.

The three juveniles were arrested for possession, transported and processed before being turned over to their parents.

Shoplifter Found With Pot

BERLIN – Berlin Police got a two-for-one arrest two weeks ago when they busted a Berlin man for shoplifting from his employer, the Food Lion grocery store, and found him with a small amount of marijuana on his person.

On Sept. 9, Berlin Police responded to the Food Lion near Route 113 for a report of theft by an employee, later identified as Brandon Hilliard, 19, of Berlin. A search of Hilliard incident to his arrest for shoplifting revealed a small amount of marijuana. Hilliard was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and theft under $500. He was processed and taken before a court commissioner, who released Hilliard on his own recognizance.

Minor Fire In OC

OCEAN CITY – Ocean City firefighters last week responded to a reported fire at an apartment building on 8th Street, but found the occupants of the unit had already extinguished the blaze.

On Sept. 19, Ocean City fire crews responded to the Surfside 8 apartments on 8th Street for a reported building fire. Initial crews arrived and observed a small fire had occurred and had already been extinguished by the unit’s occupants. The occupants were alerted to the fire by a smoke detector.

Crews remained on the scene for about 20 minutes helping building management with smoke removal. Investigators from the Ocean City Fire Marshal’s Office determined the fire originated near a bathroom light fixture and listed it as accidental. Combustible material placed too closely to a heat source is listed as the cause of the fire. Damage was contained to a towel and the light fixture. There were no reported fire-related injuries.

Disorderly Conviction

OCEAN CITY – A local man faced disorderly conduct charges in District Court this week after going for an extended swim in the bay at 2 a.m. in August.

Justin William Winter, 25, of Berlin, Md., appeared in District Court Monday morning, pleading guilty to disorderly charges.

On Aug. 5, officers were patrolling the parking lot of Seacrets at 2 a.m. when they received reports that someone was swimming in the bay. Police observed Winter swimming and attracting the attention of several people nearby. Officers made several attempts to signal Winter to bring him to shore but were unsuccessful. As a result, the Coast Guard had to be contacted. Winter ultimately returned to shore and was arrested for disorderly conduct.

“By not trying to make a scene, I made a scene,” Winter said, explaining that he never meant to cause any trouble or bring any attention to himself. Winter was found guilty and fined $357.50.

Guilty Of Charges

OCEAN CITY – An Arizona man, formerly an Ocean City resident, appeared in District Court Monday morning to face alcoholic beverage intoxication endanger charges dating back to May 20, 2006 as well as possession of marijuana charges from July 2007.

Jack Recki, 26, currently of Scottsdale, Ariz., but formerly of Ocean City, appeared in District Court to plead guilty to both charges.

On May 20, 2006, officers were on vehicle patrol around 2 a.m. in the area of 35th Street and Coastal Highway when they spotted Recki running across Coastal Highway, causing a taxi to slam on the brakes. Recki continued across Coastal Highway and ran into the police car. Officers noted that Recki was extremely intoxicated and placed him under arrest.

When Recki failed to appear for his initial court date, a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was arrested on July 17 for the warrant and while being searched, police found .4 grams of marijuana in his possession. Recki remained in jail from July 18 to July 26.

Recki was found guilty of both charges and was sentenced to eight days in jail with credit for time served. He was also fined $57.50 for alcoholic beverage intoxication endanger and $157.50 for possession of alcohol.

Police Arrest Two In Separate Incidents

BERLIN – Berlin Police made two arrests in two separate domestic assault cases in the last two weeks.

On Sept. 10, Berlin Police responded to a reported domestic situation and arrested David Lockwood, Jr., 37, of Berlin, after his girlfriend showed signs of injury. Lockwood was arrested without incident and transported to the court commissioner, who released him on his own recognizance.

In an unrelated case, on Sept. 19, Berlin Police responded to another call about a domestic situation. This time, the Berlin Police arrested Alexander Harmon, 24, of Berlin, after his girlfriend showed signs of injury. Harmon was arrested without incident and transported to the court commissioner, who ordered him held on a $10,000 bond.

Chief DiPino Promoted

OCEAN CITY – Ocean City Police Chief Bernadette DiPino was promoted last week at the annual Maryland Chiefs of Police Conference held in Ocean City.

DiPino was promoted from second Vice-President to first Vice-President.  According to MCPA by-laws, officers will spend one year in their respective positions before being promoted.  Chief DiPino will be promoted to the President of the MCPA in September, 2008.

Some of her new responsibilities include chairing the annual training convention, and supervising the membership efforts. DiPino was sworn in by outgoing President, Chief Doug Holland of the Hyattsville Police Department.

The other officers for the coming year are President, Chief Jeffrey Spaulding of the Westminster Police Department, and 2nd Vice-President, Chief George Johnson of the Department of Natural Resources Police Department.

Ocean City Gets Crime Fighting Grant

OCEAN CITY – Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski announced this week the town of Ocean City would be receiving a $27,823 federal grant for crime fighting as part of a larger $13.7 million grant package awarded statewide.

Mikulski announced this week the federal Department of Justice has awarded $13.7 million in grants to fight crime in communities across Maryland. The funding comes in the form of Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance grants, which are used to help local communities improve their criminal justice systems, and to prevent drug abuse and crime.

Local jurisdictions apply for the grants through the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention and grants are awarded to communities based on their individual needs. The nearly $13.7 million in grants was awarded to 20 communities across Maryland including Ocean City, which will receive $27,823.

Mikulski, who chairs the federal Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Subcommittee which funds the Department of Justice, fought this year to have the grant money restored after it was cut from the budget by President George W. Bush.